Oriental rug exhibition - Pod Blacha Palace, Warzaw

Written by Ivan Soenderholm

The exhibition of Oriental carpets inrepparttar museum at Pod Blacha Palace inrepparttar 125499 central Warzaw is worth visiting. The palace is situated behindrepparttar 125500 Royal Castle andrepparttar 125501 permanent exhibition includes more than 200 Oriental rugs and carpets. 140 of them Caucasian carpets fromrepparttar 125502 19th century.

Heavy Metal Music, Metal Music, New Metal Music

Written by Crusty Villa

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In this Metal Music review we will look at Superjoint Ritual's CD " A Lethal Dose of American Hatred". and Anthrax's CD " We've Come For You All". .Both are awesome CD's with a lot of soul and powerful riffs.

Superjoint Ritual A Lethal Dose of American Hatred. Well one thing is for certain, these guys like their weed. Hencerepparttar name Superjoint Ritual. Pantera's golden throat Philip Anselmo isrepparttar 125498 lead singer. Words that describe this CD are, very aggressive, driven, high tension and intense. My favorite tracks are both 1 and 2. Other similar sounds are Slayer especially "God Hates Us All" and later music from Pantera. This CD will kick your ass , allrepparttar 125499 way to next week

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