Organizing Your Drawer Full of Batteries

Written by Johann Erickson

Have you ever gone to your kitchen drawer to look for something and said, "what a mess” or spent valuable time sifting through a pile of batteries inrepparttar pantry drawer looking for those special size batteries and only to find that they don’t work because they’ve been sitting inrepparttar 136118 drawer so long that they have already expired and no longer carry a charge? Organizing your drawers and closets is probably one ofrepparttar 136119 most disliked household tasks. But just a little time spent organizing makes your life much easier.

One ofrepparttar 136120 those dreaded organizing tasks that is often put off as long as possible is organizingrepparttar 136121 infamous “junk drawer”. We all have that one drawer we fill with a bunch of oddball items because we're not quite sure where else to put them. One such oddball item is household batteries. There are too many sizes and shapes and we never have enough ofrepparttar 136122 right size when we need it because it seems like there are always less batteries left inrepparttar 136123 package than we thought.

A great way to start getting organized is to use specialty products to help organize all those oddball items that you just don’t know how to keep organized. For example,repparttar 136124 Battery Organizer is one of those great specialty items that helps make cleaning out and getting organized a breeze.

As Seen on TV,repparttar 136125 Battery Storage Rack is made of a durable polystyrene and can hold up to 51 batteries, including all ofrepparttar 136126 most common sizes: AAA, AA, C, D, and even 9-volt. The Battery Organizer even has a built-in battery tester which helps to eliminaterepparttar 136127 fear of throwing out those nearly dead batteries that clutter drawers because we aren’t sure if they might still be holding a strong enough charge.


Written by Kornel

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