Organize your mailbox

Written by Anna Sporring

Organize your mailbox (c) Copyright 2004 by Anna Sporring

How many times have you desperately been searching through hundreds of emails, looking for one specific piece of information. You know it's there somewhere, but you just can't find it. While you are looking you find loads of really useful stuff you didn't even know you had. As well as loads of crap!

This problem is getting way too common. The information age is drowning us if we don't fight back. To me this used to be a huge problem, but I solved for myself! Now I want to share my system with your, hoping it will prove useful.

The first thing you need to do is figure out a system that works for you. I will give you some ideas about filing, but if this is going to work, you need to find a filing system that is logical to YOU. To start with here is what I suggest. You can modifyrepparttar idea for yourself later.

I will assume your email software lets you create folders. Most people these days are using Outlook or a similar software. I you don't have such a program then you need to save your important emails to a folder-tree on your desktop.

First create a folder forrepparttar 116947 following: 'private' and 'work'. Inside these folders create subfolders. I suggest for 'work': 'to do', 'to read', 'to save', 'to use' and 'check later'.

For private I suggest you create one folder named 'family' and one named 'friends'. And possibly one for whatever hobby you are in to. You getrepparttar 116948 idea.

Now comesrepparttar 116949 really, really time consuming task. But it's gotta be done, so roll up your sleeves and get busy!

How to Earn with a Money Making Ad Sheet

Written by Patrick Baghestani

Publishing and distributing a mail order ad sheet can be very profitable. They are simple and easy to produce, with most quick print shops able to handlerepparttar printing at fairly low cost. The important consideration is that you can use them to pull in advertising dollars for yourself, as a free advertising media for your own products, and as an exchange medium with which to get greater exposure for your own ads.

Before starting an ad sheet, you should plan it all out - decide on an interesting, informative title, choose a masthead, lay out your columns for size, determine if it is to be a simple 8 1/2 x 11 single sheet of paper or an 11 x 17 sheet folded in half. You'll also need to know your production cost forrepparttar 116946 number you intend to have printed, andrepparttar 116947 post age cost to mail them out.

Most ad sheets start out as single sheets of paper, 8 1/2 x 11, printed on both sides. Usually,repparttar 116948 front side is divided into three equal columns about 2% inches wide, with a inch margin fromrepparttar 116949 edge ofrepparttar 116950 paper on both sides and top and bottom.

Assuming thatrepparttar 116951 space occupied by your title, masthead and listing of rates for advertisers interested in placing an ad with you is two inches deep, this leaves you about 24 inches of advertising space to sell onrepparttar 116952 front side. Figuring a cost of $50 for 1,000 copies of such an ad sheet, printed both sides, and a third-class bulk-rate postage of $110, this means that your 24 inches of ad space will have to be sold at a rate of $6.25 each in order to break even. This means: You h ave to sell all ofrepparttar 116953 ad space onrepparttar 116954 front of your ad sheet at $6.25 Per ad - and then expect to make your profits fromrepparttar 116955 sale ofrepparttar 116956 back side of your ad sheet. Actually, it would be feasible to charge $7.00 per inch forrepparttar 116957 space onrepparttar 116958 front side, and carry your own full page ad onrepparttar 116959 back side. At any rate, don't box yourself into a loss situation where you can't afford to place your own ads in your ad sheet.

You get ads by making up an advertising solicitation sales letter and sending it out to as many mail order dealers as you can find. You can also run ads in other people's publications, invitingrepparttar 116960 readers to check with you regarding placement of an ad in your publication. And of course, you'll be wanting to work out some exchange advertising deals (whereby another publisher runs your ad in his publication, and you run his in exchange). Fromrepparttar 116961 experience of many, many publishers, this can be one ofrepparttar 116962 most effective ways of getting your ads run, at low/no cost, and it is recognized to be successful inrepparttar 116963 field of Mail Order.

You probably won't be able to fill up all of your available ad space with paid ads until you're well established - but no problem - first you fill your ad space with paid ads, and then you fill inrepparttar 116964 empty space with ads of your own. Some beginning advertisers fill a part of their empty space with complimentary ads for other mail order operators, send them a copy ofrepparttar 116965 issue in whichrepparttar 116966 complimentary ad appears, and invite them to continuerepparttar 116967 ad on a "paid" basis from there. Many of them will appreciaterepparttar 116968 favor and send you a check or money order to continue runningrepparttar 116969 ad.

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