Organization Tips That Add More Hours To Your Day

Written by Diane Hughes

One ofrepparttar most common complaints that small business owners have is lack of time. What most don't realize, however is that their lack of time stems from a lack of organization. But with a few simple tips - that you can implement immediately - you can literally add hours to your day.

--->> Putting Things In Their Place

First and foremost, you should live byrepparttar 117797 motto, "A place for everything and everything in its place". When you are finished with a piece of paper, a brochure or any other physical document - file it. What usually happens is that you finish using a piece of paper, "temporarily" put it in a stack and then have to spend two hours cleaning up after yourself once a week. Or, you may leave it in a stack and spend two hours a day digging throughrepparttar 117798 mess to find what you need.

Create a filing system that works for you personally and then use it! Perhaps you'd like a filing cabinet? There are also expandable folders and numerous other filing systems. Chooserepparttar 117799 one you like, create a folder for it and put it where you can find it again if need be.

--->> I'll Be Right There

How many times a day do you say (or think) that? Especially if you work from home, you probably have plenty of interruptions that take valuable time out of your day. If you're a work-at-home parent with young children, it may be a bit more difficult to end interruptions all together, but these tips will help.

1. Set "office hours". As much as possible, let your family know that between 8am and 11am, you'll be working. Then again from 1pm until 6pm you'll be "in your office". (Or whatever hours work best for you.)

2. Ignore your email. Well, partially, anyway. Unless you're expecting some urgent message, don't stop what you're going to run check your messages each time you hearrepparttar 117800 "bell" ring. Decide onrepparttar 117801 time frame that works best for you and then check your email at certain times duringrepparttar 117802 day. (Perhaps every three hours or so.) During repparttar 117803 rest of your work time, turn your email software off so you can resistrepparttar 117804 temptation to check each message as it arrives.

3. Screen your calls. These days most people have voice mail or an answering machine. Unless you're expecting a call, letrepparttar 117805 machine get it. Just as with your email schedule, you can set aside time duringrepparttar 117806 day to return calls. This is a great way to avoid telemarketers, too!

Are you trying to succeed online without the tools you must have?

Written by Jeffrey Lant

Would you bake a cherry pie without cherries?

Would you try to mow your grass without a lawn mower?

Of course not!

Yet every day millions of people confrontrepparttar business of trying to create a profitable online business withoutrepparttar 117796 essential tools they need. Take this easy quiz to find out if you're one of them!

* Question: Do you have a listserver? / / Yes / / No

A listserver is an ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY online success tool. It enables you to send unlimited non-spam email. With your listserver you can send out a daily newsletter, offers, specials, premiums, information on how to use your products/services, etc. Online your list is your business, your business is your list. The listserver enables you to keep in regular, productive communication with your prospects and customers. Without it you're dead.

* Question: Do you have your own domain? / / Yes / / No

Hundreds of thousands of people are trying to make money online without owning their own cyber "land,"repparttar 117797 domain. Ridiculous! Got a self-replicating website? You're nothing more than a cyber-squatter. If anything happens torepparttar 117798 company giving you your free site, your business will immediately collapse -- and with it your hopes of online success. Besides, what'srepparttar 117799 point of having a website you can't edit? The only people making money online arerepparttar 117800 ones with their own domains. Once you've got it, it's your job to develop it. Without a domain you're going nowhere online.

* Question: Do you have a good relationship with a reputable web design company? / / Yes / / No

The longer you're in business online,repparttar 117801 more you'll understand why having a good relationship with a reputable web design company is absolutely essential for your success. For one thing, web design has become very sophisticated. It's not something you can delegate to Aunt Sallie who dabbles in web design part time when she's not fighting with Uncle Herbie. Web design software and techniques have developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. Amateurs are just not able to keep up. But you MUST have an eye-catching, client-centered design on your site; you must use design to generate sales. Only trained professionals can help you do that. What's more, an ongoing relationship with such professionals is pivital; after all, good design is like good window dressing. It's got to be changed regularly to keep your visitors interested. That's why working with people who have done good work for you inrepparttar 117802 past and understand you and your business is vital.

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