Organic Food: As healthy as you can get

Written by Barbara Camie

Healthy food grown withoutrepparttar use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, chemical preservatives or genetically engineered DNA is Organic. It is more labor intensive. Organic farming doesn’t use herbicides and other chemicals. Sorepparttar 149467 yield is much smaller and to buy, more expensive. But organic foods are high in vitamins and minerals, tempting a good population to include these diets in their lifestyle.

Benefits of Organic food •No pesticide, fungicides residues on food •No synthetic residuals built into plants •No genetically engineered organisms •Realistic flavors •High in vitamin •High in minerals •Higher in anti oxidants

The ‘Organic-certified produce’ is grown, harvested, stored and transported withoutrepparttar 149468 use of any synthetic chemicals or fumigants. They are processed according to uniform standards and USDA accredited organizations verify it.

Lose Weight NOW! – Do or Die Time!

Written by Greg Ryan - Fitness Expert

Some of you will not like what I have to say, even though it isrepparttar truth. And that may be whererepparttar 149430 problem of American’s health problems lies. No one wants to give yourepparttar 149431 truth. My responsibility as a high profile fitness expert lies not in if you like me, or even if you buy my e books. My responsibility lies in giving you straight talk with no sugar coating it.

You want quick fixes to your health problem that has taken years to develop. You get it by purchasing gimmicks that promise you fast results. You fall for it, and atrepparttar 149432 end ofrepparttar 149433 day you are more frustrated than every. Why? Because you are denyingrepparttar 149434 root of your problems.

I have counseled thousands of people over my twenty year tender as a personal trainer, health club consultant and best selling author. And in all my travels,repparttar 149435 answers to people’s problems with weight come down to one thing: it’s a matter of choice!

My approach with people is, either you pay a price now or you will pay a bigger price downrepparttar 149436 road. I am really tired of dancing around and trying to pat people onrepparttar 149437 back and say, “It’s OK you can do it.” When allrepparttar 149438 while, most I know are inrepparttar 149439 least bit serious about their health, and have no idea what they are in for downrepparttar 149440 road.

If you are onrepparttar 149441 fence of whether or not to start an exercise and weight loss plan, I suggest you either become hot or cold. None of this luke warm stuff. You, America is onrepparttar 149442 verge of a health crisis. The longer you waitrepparttar 149443 more of chance you have of having a disease.

You also have a matter of choice on all these gimmicks out there. Don’t waste your money on products that are not long lasting and do not teach you anything. I know you want fast results but you will just waste your money. Let me remind you, until you deal with your approach to weight lossrepparttar 149444 other is pie inrepparttar 149445 sky. Here arerepparttar 149446 keys to weight loss:

Determine HOW you are motivated

Determinerepparttar 149447 REASONS behindrepparttar 149448 unwanted behaviors.

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