Order of Links on Reciprocal Links Pages

Written by Harold Stone

Whether you are using a link management program to administer your reciprocal links, or manually add links to your link directory pages, there are some guidelines you should consider.

When adding links to your pages there are three choices forrepparttar order: alphabetical, newest links first or oldest links first. Listing links by order of "Oldest Links First" isrepparttar 119356 most appropriate and fairest to your link partners and will make them more willing to exchange links with you for other sites they have. Here's why:

By listing in Alphabetical order your links pages will not be static and will constantly change. Using one of my own sites as an example, since it starts with a "U", whenever you reach your determined maximum number of links per page my site will most likely move to page 2. When page 2 fills my site will move to page 3, then page 4 and so on. When my link management script checks for all my reciprocal links, it won't see yours since it has moved to a different page and then it will send an email to you that my link can't be found at your site. Then we will both have to exchange emails and I will have to make a correction to my links directory as to where my link is at on your site. This is wasted time for both of us.

The same thing happens with ordering by Newest Links First. Your links pages will not be static and will constantly change as new links are added. Your oldest links move farther downrepparttar 119357 page, then to page 2, then page 3, etc. Here again, we will have to exchange email to correctrepparttar 119358 problem when my reciprocal link can't be found at your site.

How popular are you,... online that is?

Written by Burke Ferguson

Withrepparttar web today you "sorta haveta" have a rank inrepparttar 119355 major search engines if you want to be seen. I mean with 250,000,000, yes 250 million searches a day on Google™ alone, how are your visitors and potential customers going to find you?

Now, there are numerous ways in which a Search Engine ranks a website; by keyword density, relevancy, content, etc. etc.. But Link Popularity is an ever growing statistic in howrepparttar 119356 Search Engines continue to rank websites.

Link popularity, is how "popular" your website is. That is how popular your site is compared to other websites. To put it another way; it isrepparttar 119357 number of "other websites" that have a link on their website to your website. Did you get that? :)

Now, although Link Popularity "building" is a large science and art in itself, I'll briefly touch on a couple ways in which you can see how popular you are and how to go about improving your link popularity.

A small side note though, is link popularity is a BIG way in which Google™ ranks their search results. They refer to this as "PageRank". Withrepparttar 119358 Search Engine, FAST, they it call "link score".

Now there are quite a few software programs and sites that can help build your link popularity as well as check your popularity.

Now, there are many ways to check your link popularity. But if you simply want to get a small idea, a little way for you to do this is go to any search engine and type in, "link popularity", withoutrepparttar 119359 quotes, and there will be lots of results for you to choose from. And then simply pick a site and check your site popularity.

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