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Written by Nate Perkins, CEO VoIP Communications

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The Benefits of having a country Top Level Domain(tld) name

Written by Steve Ashton

Most new websites tend to look for a domain name with a .com or .net tld (Top Level Domain). They feel this givesrepparttar site a more professional appearance and will appeal to a more international audience and in many cases this is true. However, it can also be beneficial to look at purchasing a domain name with a country specific tld.

There are a number of benefits that can be gained from choosing a domain name with a country specific tld, especially if you conduct your business primarily in one particular country.

Search Engine Benefits

Most ofrepparttar 108233 large search engines will give you a higher search ranking for a site that hasrepparttar 108234 tld ofrepparttar 108235 searchers country. For example, if someone fromrepparttar 108236 United Kingdom is performing a search for widgets, a search engine will often rank widgets.co.uk higher than other sites sellingrepparttar 108237 same product but only have a .com tld.

Having a country specific tld will also allow you to be included in a lot of great country directories that stipulate that your domain name has a certain tld. Getting your site into these directories can be a great way of improving your search engine ranking as these are 1 way links from authority sites for your chosen subject. These kind of links are graded much higher than reciprocal linking.

Buyer Confidence

Having a domain tld will often giverepparttar 108238 buyer more confidence when making a purchase as they considerrepparttar 108239 site to be local, therefore governed underrepparttar 108240 same laws asrepparttar 108241 buyer. This makes it easier to follow up and sales and make complaints if any problems occur duringrepparttar 108242 purchase ofrepparttar 108243 product. It also helps to settle any nerves ifrepparttar 108244 buyer is able to see a street address that they recognize, rather than a foreign address.

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