Orchid Growing for Beginners

Written by Bob Roy

Yes, growing orchids for beginners is very easy. They are like any other house plants, they need water, light, fertilizer and, oh yes, you should talk to them or even play some music.

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One ofrepparttar 140969 long standing myths that I still hear is that growing orchids as house plants are difficult and finicky to grow. Well, plain and simple,repparttar 140970 answer is No. In fact, care for orchids as house plants are easy to grow and will continue to bloom for years. Some orchid plants have been around for centuries.

Here are some highlights you can use as a guide to growing orchids for beginners.


One ofrepparttar 140971 two top items in growing orchids for beginners is Water. The other is light. Orchid house plants and orchid plants in general will need watering periodically, usually you can water once a week. Remember, most orchids are air plants and this means you will see their roots. Their root system, especiallyrepparttar 140972 pseudpods, are very efficient in storing water.

Here is a watering guide you can use: Cattleya, oncidium and dendrobium orchids like to dry out between watering. An easy way to water is to putrepparttar 140973 plant inrepparttar 140974 sink and let water flow throughrepparttar 140975 plant for about 20-30 seconds. Remember, letrepparttar 140976 water drain fromrepparttar 140977 plant before putting it back intorepparttar 140978 decorative pot.

Plhalaenopsis orchids like to almost dry out between watering. To decide onrepparttar 140979 next watering is to stick your finger about an inch intorepparttar 140980 medium which should feel spongy and not bone dry.

The Orchid Myths - What is the Truth

Written by Bob Roy

Here are some ofrepparttar popular orchid myths

#1 Orchids are Carnivorous They are not, in fact, they pollinate by luring insects to them but they do not eatrepparttar 140945 insects. This helpsrepparttar 140946 orchid gardening

Orchid Myths#2 Orchids come fromrepparttar 140947 Tropics Some orchid flowers do come fromrepparttar 140948 tropical climates but they grow in any climate and in any country, even Alaska.

#3 Orchids are Expensive. Not anymore. Now withrepparttar 140949 increased number of orchid gardening and growers,repparttar 140950 modern reproductive methods orchids now are reasonably priced.

#4 Orchids are Hard to Grow. This orchid myths is now furthest fromrepparttar 140951 truth. They are not anymore difficult than any other plant. They needrepparttar 140952 basics, water, light, air and fertilizer. And you can have a beautful orchid flowers that last for years.

Some Orchid Questions

#1 Are all orchidsrepparttar 140953 same? Onrepparttar 140954 contrary o what most florists want you to believe, they come in over 28,000 varieties, they arerepparttar 140955 largest plant family. There are estimates of 110,000 hybrids today. They grow from thimble size (Mystacidium) to over 20 feet tall (Renanthera storei)

#2 What soil do they grow in? Most orchids require no soil. In nature orchids are divided into 4 classes;

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