Optimizing your Resume Presentation

Written by Scott Brown

One ofrepparttar unfortunate realities ofrepparttar 139083 job search process is often, people who are a good fit for a job get passed over because of an inadequate resume. In this age of online recruitment, hiring managers and recruiters may review a hundred or more resumes before deciding on who they want to interview. Given this high volume, they are only able to spend 30 seconds (or sometimes less) scanning a resume to determine whetherrepparttar 139084 candidate could be a good fit forrepparttar 139085 position.

When a recruiter sees your resume, they want to quickly determine which ofrepparttar 139086 following four categoriesrepparttar 139087 resume belongs in:

1. Resume is not appropriate forrepparttar 139088 job at all - for example, a bookkeeper applying for an accounting job. Recruiters hate it when job seekers send in resumes for positions they're completely unqualified for. Some job seekers think it doesn't hurt to send a resume even ifrepparttar 139089 position isn't a match. They think maybe they will be considered for other positions they're qualified for. A recruiter's attitude is often that ifrepparttar 139090 job seeker can't read directions and applies forrepparttar 139091 wrong position,repparttar 139092 person can't be a great candidate anyway and will throwrepparttar 139093 resume inrepparttar 139094 garbage.

2. The person is not experienced or skilled enough to dorepparttar 139095 job. For example, ifrepparttar 139096 job calls for someone who can work independently andrepparttar 139097 resume only shows experience working as part of a team.

3. The person is too senior or too expensive. This is kind ofrepparttar 139098 "overqualified" scenario. If you apply for a job that pays $50,000, butrepparttar 139099 recruiter thinks from looking at your resume that you could make $60,000 -- or thinks from looking at your previous positions that you had been earning $60,000 inrepparttar 139100 past, they will shy away from selecting you. Recruiters don't want to place someone who will end up leaving for a better paying position after just a couple of months onrepparttar 139101 job. With third party recruiters, they don't get paid their placement fee if this happens, plus it may ruin their relationship withrepparttar 139102 client company. With direct employers, they will incurrepparttar 139103 opportunity cost of having to get another person up to speed if you quit prematurely.

4. The person's background matchesrepparttar 139104 position and they would be happy to takerepparttar 139105 salary being offered. This isrepparttar 139106 category you want to fall in.


Your most recent job title should be aboutrepparttar 139107 same asrepparttar 139108 position you're applying for. If you're applying for a position as a Senior Accountant, your last position should ideally have been a senior accountant. Or if your last position was slightly junior torepparttar 139109 position you're applying for,repparttar 139110 recruiter will be looking to see that you spent enough time in that position to learnrepparttar 139111 skills and gainrepparttar 139112 experience someone withrepparttar 139113 more senior title would be expected to have. Your most recent job title should *not* be more senior thanrepparttar 139114 position you're applying for. If it is, you may want to consider "downgrading" it. While lying on your resume is generally a bad idea, this kind of presentation change, which does not promise that you're qualified for something you're not, may be necessary to overcomerepparttar 139115 "overqualified" reaction.

Conquering Interviews with Better Negotiating Skills

Written by Scott Brown

Negotiation is a skill that we all use at some time in our lives. Whether it's with looking for a job, a dispute with a spouse, buying a car or a house, we all have occasions where we have to negotiate.

Keys to Successful Negotiation

Negotiation experts will tell yourepparttar most important aspect in a good negotiation is knowledge. This requires researchingrepparttar 139082 subject you are negotiating about thoroughly. Inrepparttar 139083 case of interviewing,repparttar 139084 more you know aboutrepparttar 139085 industry,repparttar 139086 company, andrepparttar 139087 job ahead of time,repparttar 139088 better. Especially when it comes to negotiating compensation, knowing what other people inrepparttar 139089 same type of position are paid can be very helpful. Negotiating skills can also be helpful in terms of persuading an interviewer that you arerepparttar 139090 right person forrepparttar 139091 job.

Typically, when an employer decides they are going to recruit someone, they base their need on a specific person or a type of person that they have imagined. Ifrepparttar 139092 position is one that previously existed andrepparttar 139093 person who hadrepparttar 139094 position last was good at their job, they are probably envisioningrepparttar 139095 ideal candidate should be just likerepparttar 139096 former employee. Drawing out whatrepparttar 139097 employer is looking for and convincingrepparttar 139098 employer that you would be a good fit requires negotiating skills.

The good news is there are ways that you can research a company, an industry, and compensation beforerepparttar 139099 interview. Doesrepparttar 139100 company look for people who fit a certain profile? How much do people in your position generally get paid inrepparttar 139101 industry? To find out more aboutrepparttar 139102 company or industry, check outrepparttar 139103 Vault Reports web site: http://www.jobsearchinfo.com/vault.htm

To find out about what other people are being paid inrepparttar 139104 industry, consider getting a Personal Salary report. This is a report that will detail what someone in your position should make in a given industry: http://www.jobsearchinfo.com/salary.htm

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