Optimizing Your Site For Directories

Written by J. Alarcon

The major indexes like Yahoo!, Open Directory Project, About.com, Snap, LookSmart, and Go.com, are great traffic sources. But it can be difficult and time consuming to get listed. This report illustrates exactly how to properly submit your site for quicker results and better exposure.

Getting listed with "human reviewed" directories is very important because several ofrepparttar major search engines use indexes like Open Directory Project to supplement their search results.

Recent statistics from WebSnapShot.com showrepparttar 128221 percentage of searches performed on each ofrepparttar 128222 top 19 search engines and directories. Yahoo! is still number one at 25.4% and Google (the Yahoo! default engine) is at 5% and climbing fast.

An interesting point is that AOL, AltaVista, NetScape, and Lycos combined make up 40.5% of total search queries. These four engines are powered by Open Directory Project and, combined, control more traffic than Yahoo! alone.

Submitting to Human Reviewed Directories

When you submit your site to a directory such as Yahoo!, Open Directory Project, or even Infoseek Channels, your site is queued for review by a site editor. That means a human being actually visits your site and determines whether or not it should be included in their index.

Therefore, it's important to realize that most ofrepparttar 128223 techniques you use to optimize pages for spider search engines will not work for directories.

How Editors Evaluate Your Site

Site editors will visit your site to verify thatrepparttar 128224 category you selected is appropriate and thatrepparttar 128225 title and description are accurate and relevant torepparttar 128226 content of your site. In addition, each directory has its own criteria for evaluating sites.

Here's a few tips to help you evaluate your web site before you submit:

You should have your own domain name.

You should have secure ordering (if applicable).

Your site's name should match your domain name.

Display your company's contact information in plain view.

Include links to your company's privacy policy, return policy, guarantee, etc.

Make sure there are no bad links, broken images, or javascript errors.

A Short Cut For Achieving Top Search Engine

Written by Abd Sams

It's almost an impossible task to try to get listed number one atrepparttar major search engines nowadays. This report illustrates exactly how to get listed number one atrepparttar 128220 engines for maximum exposure. You'll discover how to save tons of time and money.

I promise you that if you userepparttar 128221 killer tips you are about to learn, you'll see a significant INCREASE in your traffic and sales volume. In order so that you don't LOSE thousands of dollars worth in profits, PRINT OUT this article now. The tactics you are about to learn will makerepparttar 128222 difference between day and night for your Internet business; print out this article now; you will soon FORGETrepparttar 128223 sound advice you'll discover.(Or, you can provide this article for your site visitors and ezine readers.)

Back to business: As you well know, if your site isn't listed atrepparttar 128224 top 10 search engines, regardless of how your site might look, how great your products and seruices are, your site "doesn't exist" if you're not gettingrepparttar 128225 traffic!

Why is it so incredible difficult to get listed atrepparttar 128226 top search engines? Here'srepparttar 128227 reason why:

If there exists for any number of highly popular keywords(computer, sports, health, business, etc.) anywhere starting from a minimum of 20 thousand to 100s of thousands of web sites that relate one way or another to them, what do you think happens? All of those web site owners under any popular keywords want to be listed atrepparttar 128228 top ten positions atrepparttar 128229 major search engines. This fierce battle to be listed atrepparttar 128230 top ten is what makes it almost impossible for countless of web site owners to even get noticed.

If your web site is listed at Yahoo down at 5,671, you're in deep trouble! Who inrepparttar 128231 Internet world(or inrepparttar 128232 right mind) is going to bother to search allrepparttar 128233 way down to your listing at 5,671? No way!

The Alternative

But there's another way to beatrepparttar 128234 getting listed-at-the major search engine nightmare: Pay for your top website listing by using pay-per-click search engines.

Recent statistics from payperclicksearch- engines.com show thatrepparttar 128235 well-known Goto.com,repparttar 128236 king pay-per-click search engine, gets approximately 10 million searches a day! That's about 300 million searches in a month. Boy, that's a lot of searches from only one pay-per-click search engine!

Not only that: Payperclicksearchengines.com website states: "You'll receive more traffic from Goto.com than from allrepparttar 128237 other pay-per-click engines combined." That's a lot of search power from only one pay-per-click. Can you imagine how much traffic you'd get if you were listed atrepparttar 128238 top 5 listings at Goto.com!

It gets even better at Goto: Payperclick- searchengines.com also states that inrepparttar 128239 top 10 listings at Goto your link will appear when someone searches using Dogpile meta search engine.

If you're inrepparttar 128240 top six, you'll also appear inrepparttar 128241 Metacrawler searches.

Sorepparttar 128242 bottom line: If you cannot get listed atrepparttar 128243 top ten major search engines, don't fret; you can use a major pay-per-click search engine, such as Goto.com and pay for a top listing instead of wishing upon a shooting star for a top search engine position for your site! So, you realize how a major pay-per-click search engine like Goto can solve your getting-listed-atrepparttar 128244 major search engine blues. Now, well look how you can use Goto to your advantage for driving mega traffic to your site.

How The Pay-Per-Click Search Engines Work

When you use a pay-per-click search engine, like Goto you agree to pay a certain amount for each visitor who clicks through to your web site. For example, let's supposerepparttar 128245 web site inrepparttar 128246 number one position in search results has bid 8 cents per prospective customer; this means that that advertiser agreed to pay 8 cents for each individual who clicks on their link to take him/her to their site. If position number two and three has bid a little less than 8 cents, that's how muchrepparttar 128247 advertiser is paying for each visitor who clicks on their listing.

This kind of bid for position system will guarantee a high placement for your web site; all you got to do is out bidrepparttar 128248 site currently inrepparttar 128249 position you want. This is called "instant positioning." Great, isn't it? (No waiting from two weeks to six months to an entire year to get listed atrepparttar 128250 major search engines!)

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