Optimise your Site for the Search Engines Pt 1

Written by Darren Yates

This is part one of two articles listingrepparttar ten most important points to remember when optimising your site and individual pages forrepparttar 127951 search engines. If you optimise your pages by working through these points one by one you will see a significant rise in your search engine rankings. 1: Buyrepparttar 127952 right Domain names ! The best way to increase your rankings inrepparttar 127953 Search Engines and forrepparttar 127954 least amount of effort is to chooserepparttar 127955 right domain name for your site fromrepparttar 127956 start. The SE's(search engines) give a domain namerepparttar 127957 highest prominence and score when providing search results. So it's a priority to have your domain name contain keywords relevant to your site content.

Further to this you should make your keywords readable byrepparttar 127958 search engine, otherwise you're wasting your time. To do this is very simple you just use hyphens inrepparttar 127959 name. eg excerciseequipment.com and exercise-equipment.com,repparttar 127960 first name here may look neater torepparttar 127961 casual observer and could and should be used to advertise your site offline its easier to remember and to type. But torepparttar 127962 SE's this is meaningless, they can't pick outrepparttar 127963 keywords in there. The hyphen breaksrepparttar 127964 keywords apart and allowsrepparttar 127965 SE's to read them.

You can have both sites pointing torepparttar 127966 same website butrepparttar 127967 one withrepparttar 127968 hyphens should berepparttar 127969 domain name that is actually hosted.

The other point to remember is that domain names can now have up to 67 characters in them includingrepparttar 127970 extension(.com, .net etc) now as opposed torepparttar 127971 original 23. So you can load your domain name with a number of keywords to boost your ranking, just remember to userepparttar 127972 hyphen to separate them out.

This also means that if a really great domain name has gone you can get something close and in fact better because you could simply add another keyword. Eg say exercise-equipment.com wasn't available, I could register best-exercise equipment.com or cheap-exercise-equipment.com.

I have a number of clients using this technique very successfully, and of course if you check outrepparttar 127973 address bar above this very site doesrepparttar 127974 same thing. ;-)

Forrepparttar 127975 cheapest domain names online withrepparttar 127976 best control panel online try www.123-reg.co.uk I highly recommend these guys I've used them for years now and register all my own and my clients domains through them.

2: Chooserepparttar 127977 right Title for your page. The title of your page is what visitors will see acrossrepparttar 127978 top of their browsers when they visit your site. Its important that each of your sites pages is titled differently to distinguish them from each other and to tie in withrepparttar 127979 content ofrepparttar 127980 page.

This is alsorepparttar 127981 title of your listing when your site is returned inrepparttar 127982 results of a Search Engine.

This is probablyrepparttar 127983 second most important thing to get right after choosing your domain name. If your domain name has good keywords then repeat these keywords inrepparttar 127984 title of your page, add a hyphen and then add your keyword rich title for that page. So going back torepparttar 127985 example above exercise-equipment.com your title should probably be alongrepparttar 127986 lines of best exercise equipment - best, cheap, new and used exercise equipment.

<title>best exercise equipment - best, cheap, new and used exercise equipment< itle>

Notice how I get exercise equipment in there twice, first asrepparttar 127987 name ofrepparttar 127988 site and then as a description ofrepparttar 127989 page.

I've mentioned keywords a fare bit already and I should probably say jump down to No5 for a better idea of what they are and how to use them.

3: Userepparttar 127990 H1 tag onrepparttar 127991 title/heading of your page. A H1 tag isrepparttar 127992 heading text tag in HTML. SE's give this tag more relevancy as it's generally used aroundrepparttar 127993 title of a page eg <h1>best exercise equipment</>

best exercise equipment

but as you can see it looks pretty ugly and much to chunky for a nice looking site.

So here's a little known trick you can use to keeprepparttar 127994 H1 tag but haverepparttar 127995 text appear as normal. *whisper use css style sheets to shrinkrepparttar 127996 text back to size. The text will have a large invisible border around it essentially taking uprepparttar 127997 same space onrepparttar 127998 page as if it hadn't been styled but you can get around this with a clever layout. Checkrepparttar 127999 title of this page '10 ways to Optimise your site' that's a H1 tag that's been fixed. Big difference isn't there.

This is a little known but very useful secret. ;-)

Here'srepparttar 128000 code to dorepparttar 128001 trick, place it inrepparttar 128002 head tags of your page -

<style type="text/css"> <!-- h1 {font-size: 13px;} --> </style>

Its that simple, play around withrepparttar 128003 font-size until its in proportion torepparttar 128004 rest of your page. Remember it'srepparttar 128005 title of your page and should stand out a little fromrepparttar 128006 rest ofrepparttar 128007 text.

4: Meta tags are still useful. Choosing keywords. Not as important as they once were due to abuse. But still used by a number of well known search engines. But not at all by others. Which means its still important to use them to cover all your bases.

Essentiallyrepparttar 128008 meta tags you should be using when targetingrepparttar 128009 search engines are keywords, description and robots. There are a number of others I'll touch on in a second.

Keywords should also contain keyphrases and list allrepparttar 128010 keywords/keyphrases relevant to your site. There are two ways to list your keywords/keyphrases. Either with commas separating them or without. The benefit to not using commas is thatrepparttar 128011 keywords side by side can also be read as keyphrases byrepparttar 128012 SE's. Where as a comma separates everything out. So not using commas allows for some odd combinations to be picked up byrepparttar 128013 SE's.

<meta name="keywords" content=" best exercise equipment cheap home gym equipment health good exercise order online">

That's just an example offrepparttar 128014 top of my head I haven't researchedrepparttar 128015 words as I normally would, you should also have much more in there around 30 words at least. Notice again I've started of with 'best exercise equipment' to echo and boostrepparttar 128016 use of that phrase elsewhere as discussed above.

The description is self explanatory again and it's a good move to echorepparttar 128017 title ofrepparttar 128018 page and fill it out a little so -

<meta name="description" content="best exercise equipment - best, cheap, new and used exercise equipment reviewed and available to order online">

The robots tag is very simple and is not strictly necessary but useful. What it does is tellrepparttar 128019 visiting SE spiders what to do when it comes to listing your site. Spiders arerepparttar 128020 little programs that crawlrepparttar 128021 web gathering info on websites forrepparttar 128022 SE's. You can also use something called a robots.txt file to further controlrepparttar 128023 spiders, but I won't go into that here since its not strictly necessary andrepparttar 128024 robots tag is enough for our aims atrepparttar 128025 moment.

Here's an example -

Understanding Search Engine Robots

Written by David Bell

If there is one thing I have learned about robots, it is that there is absolutely no pattern to them. Most robots are stupid and wander randomly. For example, 50% of robot hits to my sites, ask forrepparttar robots.txt page and then go away never asking for anything else. Then they come back a week later, ask forrepparttar 127950 same thing and then go away, again. This happens over and over again for months. I have never figured it out. What are they doing? If they wanted to see ifrepparttar 127951 website was really a web site, they could just Ping it. This would be much faster and much more efficient. They seldom visit another page and if they do, they ask for one other page every visit or so. Some come in and issue rapid-fire requests for every page inrepparttar 127952 website. How rude! You have to quit worrying so much about robots. It takes 6 months before they request enough pages to do you any good. I really quit thinking about them a long time ago. Build a lot of pages correctly and, if you have reciprocal links to them,repparttar 127953 robots will find them someday. Try this: Go to AltaVista and type intorepparttar 127954 search box link:YourSite.com (Leave offrepparttar 127955 www). This will listrepparttar 127956 reciprocal links to your web site. Try link:crownjewels.com and you get 136 links to it. Think about this now: The robots say to themselves, "Here is a site that must be popular or why would so many websites SIMILAR to it have it's link on their pages?" Remember that only SIMILAR sites with SIMILAR THEMES would probably have a link to your site. They give more importance to this than you submitting your link to them. Wouldn't you? Go to heavily trafficked sites matching your web site's Themes and use AltaVista to find out how many reciprocal links they have. This will prove to you I am right. Search engines are nothing more than reciprocal links to your site. The problem is, you are constantly having to fight for your positioning inrepparttar 127957 search query listings. Forget about that. Leaverepparttar 127958 fighting to people who are able to spend 24 hours a day trying to trick everybody. Quit trying to compete withrepparttar 127959 large organizations pouring millions into their marketing. Completely forget about Search Engines after submitting to them and go afterrepparttar 127960 reciprocal links. The Search Engines will then believe you are a heavily visited site because you will be. You will now be gettingrepparttar 127961 traffic you so richly deserve. Search engine visitors to your site, are often-times not qualified visitors. Too many visitors pop into your home page for 2 seconds and then leave. You know how it is. We all do it when we are usingrepparttar 127962 search engines. Either it wasn'trepparttar 127963 information we were looking for, or they had this huge graphic on this stupid portal page, which just took forever to load. These visitors shouldn't even count, but they get counted as 12-18 hits in your server logs. Hits are requests torepparttar 127964 server. One page request can incur a lot of hits: requests torepparttar 127965 page itself plusrepparttar 127966 graphics, each count as a hit. Reciprocal links bring in qualified visitors. These are visitors who were already on a web site which had matching Themes to yours. They already have a good idea of what type of site you are. They will come into your site and actually stay awhile. These visitors should count as double credit, they are so good. I know which type of visitor I would rather have. How do you get people to WANT to put your link on their web sites? Why would a similar site put a link to your site on theirs? Simple, you have similar Themes. You are similar, but not competition.

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