Optical illusions when snowboarding

Written by Jakob Jelling

While Shifties are a snowboarding trick they are also an optical illusion. When doing a Shifty you are creatingrepparttar illusion of doing a 180-degree turn inrepparttar 142435 air and reversing it before you land. Of course since it is an optical illusion you do not really turn 180-degrees.

Twisting your body in opposite directions once you are inrepparttar 142436 air creates this optical illusion. While this can take a little bit to get used to it isn't as hard as it sounds. As with all aerial tricksrepparttar 142437 key to this is timing.

The first step is to become airborne. This can be done by via an Ollie, a ramp or whatever else you happen across that will get you offrepparttar 142438 ground. Ideally you should launch up in torepparttar 142439 air more than you want to move forward. Going up more than forward will improverepparttar 142440 look of your trick and provide you with more time to set it up and recover from it.

Once you have leftrepparttar 142441 ground you can begin to twistrepparttar 142442 upper and lower portions of your body in opposite directions. The technique for twisting your lower body is muchrepparttar 142443 same as doing a 180. Push your forward foot torepparttar 142444 side that you wish it to spin while keeping your rear foot basically planted so as to act as a virtual pivot point. An important thing to bear in mind is to not twist your hips.

Twisting your upper body may be a little easier. The easiest way to twist is to simply point your headrepparttar 142445 way you want your body to turn andrepparttar 142446 rest of you will naturally follow. Once again be careful not to twist your hips, as they arerepparttar 142447 anchor points for your body. If you do twist your hips you may find that you turn too far and thus have trouble givingrepparttar 142448 impression of having turned 180-degrees or landing your trick smoothly.

Nike Dri Fit Tiger Woods Golf Shoes-Not Just Golf Shoes

Written by Mike Ross

Nike Dri Fit Tiger Woods golf shoes and other quality brand shoes are not just for playing golf. These shoes are meant to be worn like athletic shoes, even like hiking shoes and walking shoes. These shoes are meant to protect your feet in all sorts of terrain and in all sorts of weather conditions.

Thatís why Nike has designedrepparttar Tiger Woods brand shoes, and other models likerepparttar 142434 Nike Air Max Mystify golf shoes women and menís variety, to safeguard your feet with quality construction and durable materials.

The shoe heel construction on these Nikes includes a lower profile heel with a slight divot onrepparttar 142435 outer side ofrepparttar 142436 heel. This shoe feature makes sure to secure your foot and ankle inrepparttar 142437 Nikes, to ensure that your foot is supported each and every timerepparttar 142438 shoe strikesrepparttar 142439 ground.

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