Optical Illusions of Interior Decorating: How to Make the Most of Your Living Space

Written by Holly Linington

Where you live often determinesrepparttar size of your living space. Having lived in many different states I know thatrepparttar 142863 size ofrepparttar 142864 average home in California is very different fromrepparttar 142865 size ofrepparttar 142866 average home in Texas or Arizona. But you donít have to feel trapped by your limited or excessive living space. With a few clever decorating tricks you can make a small space appear bigger or you can scale down a large space.

To begin, acquire pieces of furniture that appropriately reflect a roomís proportions. Furniture should either fill in dead space or echorepparttar 142867 shape ofrepparttar 142868 room.


Small spaces donít have to be confining; make them cozy instead. Here are a few decorating tips for small spaces:

1. Chooserepparttar 142869 Right Furniture - If your room is small but frequently needs to accommodate plenty of people, fill it with a few large pieces that offer ample seating. This will giverepparttar 142870 room a well-organized, uncluttered look that is also functional.

2. Use Lighter Hues - Cool colors like blue and green make smaller spaces feel larger.

3. Decorate Monochromatically - Soothing tone-on-tone paint techniques, fabrics, and patterns can open up a room. Creams and whites, icy blues, pale greens and butter yellows are just a few ofrepparttar 142871 colors that will work.

4. Eliminate Obstructions - The farther you can see into and through a space,repparttar 142872 larger and more open it will seem. Arrange furniture to open up areas of floor. Avoid blocking views to windows and doors by using low benches, ottomans and armless chairs.

5. Match Furniture torepparttar 142873 Wall Color - Are your walls a pale golden yellow? If so, consider painting some ofrepparttar 142874 wood furniture to match. Even large chests and armoires will begin to melt intorepparttar 142875 background when finished in a color that's close torepparttar 142876 wall tone. Add tone-on-tone stencil details to doors for added interest.

6. Add More Light - Banish shadows by uncovering windows and adding light fixtures. Consider cove lighting, uplights, rope lights, bookshelf lights, and any other ofrepparttar 142877 myriad of light fixtures available.

Soft upholstery, dramatic lighting andrepparttar 142878 proper use of color can turn a tiny nook into an intimate and wonderful corner.


Bringing a sense of warmth to a large room is as much of a challenge as giving a small roomrepparttar 142879 appearance of spaciousness, but there are ways to bring expansive spaces into friendly proportion. Here are a few decorating tips for large spaces:

The Importance of Background Checks

Written by Dani Martin

It is important for all businesses considering hiring someone to takerepparttar critical step in performing a background check. It is estimated 30% of all resumes submitted to employers, has some falsified content. This content can vary from exaggerations to outright lies. The most common falsifications are usually located inrepparttar 142862 education portion ofrepparttar 142863 resume.

Most businesses deal with sensitive information at some level. This may range from handling social security numbers, credit card information, drivers license information and other types of personal information. In order to assure clients and customers that their information is being handled properly, it isrepparttar 142864 duty ofrepparttar 142865 business owner to takerepparttar 142866 necessary step in getting a thorough background check on all employees. Personal and professional references are still a good method, however, they should not be relied upon solely. It should be obvious that prospective employees will give names of those who will give a good reference; background checks pick up where references stop Ė they will give you accurate and in-depth information regardingrepparttar 142867 candidate.

i-BackgroundChecks.com tells us that background checks are available to cover a wide variety of areas. Drivers license, character references, personal acquaintances, education records, criminal records, court records, credit records and much more. It is also important to note that much of this is public information. In addition, employers should understand that according torepparttar 142868 Fair Credit Reporting Act, some information cannot be used in conjunction with a background check. Bankruptcies after 10 years and many other types of consumer information that is older than 7 years may not be reported. Criminal background, credit reporting, workerís compensation claims and character references are just a few among a long list of types of background checks that are widely available. Employers should knowrepparttar 142869 laws in their specific state regarding what information is available for their specific needs.

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