Opps I slapped go in the Face

Written by Beth Hitesman

For years, I dreamed of becoming a certified life coach and partnering with others who really wanted to make a difference. I would get excited aboutrepparttar idea for awhile, then drop it. After all, I reasoned, “Who am I to start my own business, My reasons for not going forward with my dream were genuine and logical: I didn’t know how to market, I didn’t know how to tell people about my service, I didn’t know how to build a webpage and I didn’t know how to get people to my webpage if I did build one, I’m getting older, I have too much to do—the list went on and on.

Every timerepparttar 148712 dream would reemerge, my mental list was on standby, eager to remind me of how ridiculous these thoughts were. ‘My dream was impossible,” I’d rationalize.

Then it hit me! How often have I talked myself out of doing something because I decided it was impossible?

How often have I stopped myself from doing something because I maderepparttar 148713 decision as to what God would or would not do in my life?

I believe that God gives us our dreams and that God created us for a purpose. I also believe that with God, all things are possible.

Another Nature Boy?

Written by Ed Williams

Sometimes a person comes along that has potential greatness written all over them. That something special that Muhammed Ali, Elvis Presley, Ric Flair, and a select handful of others possessed. That something that let’s you know that you’re inrepparttar presence of someone who literally transcends whatever their field of endeavor happens to be. Folks, these type people seldom come along, and if you read their biographies, you’ll find that most knew years before they hit it big that they would. They just had that sort of “air” about them. And folks, I believe I’ve discovered a young man who possesses that same quality. That hint of greatness waiting to be realized. The young man I’m referring to lives in Houston County, and his name is Derek Da Ron Winn.

Derek Da Ron Winn. The name itself has a rock star like quality to it, doesn‘t it? Derek’s a young man who’s just graduated from Houston County High School. A quick look atrepparttar 148688 senior quote in his yearbook says it all:

“175 pounds, pure athlete. SHHHHHHH!! Do you hear it? Greatness!”

Doesn’t that tell y’all something right there? Derek seems to berepparttar 148689 kind of guy who knows he’s headed forrepparttar 148690 big time, and also knows that he hasrepparttar 148691 goods to handle it. And then some.

At this point, some of y’all may be wondering why I’m so sure about Derek’s future? Well, I’ll tell you. One ofrepparttar 148692 thingsrepparttar 148693 greats possess isrepparttar 148694 ability to take an everyday event and turn it into something magical. Derek has that ability. And here’s how I know he does.

Remember I stated earlier that Derek has just graduated from Houston County High School? Well, to graduate from high school you have to participate inrepparttar 148695 graduation ceremony. And folks, Derek just didn’t participate in this year’s graduation, he defined it for everyone in attendance. Defined it in front of a packed house. Defined it in a way that’ll be remembered for many years to come. And here’s what he did...

Any graduation starts with speeches,repparttar 148696 principle,repparttar 148697 valedictorian andrepparttar 148698 salutorian all give them. Some schools even involve more people than that. After they‘re donerepparttar 148699 kids all line up to walk acrossrepparttar 148700 stage and receive their diplomas. And it was at this precise point inrepparttar 148701 graduation exercise that Derek Da Ron Winn crossed from mortality over intorepparttar 148702 realm of legend...

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