Opioid Pain Management and our Economy.

Written by Esther Watson

Dear Readers,

Did you know that Heroin (diamorphine) used to be a legal medication about 100 years ago? It was invented by Bayer; a German company that also invented Aspirin atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 146646 twentieth century, one ofrepparttar 146647 most important discoveries at that time. Heroin was prescribed by medical doctors all overrepparttar 146648 United States and Europe as cough suppressant for those having a bad cough and experiencing pain. Bayer Aspirin is up to day a well known medication in US households. Diamorphine (heroin) has been pulled ofrepparttar 146649 market as you are likely aware of. Although you may think Heroin is a street name this isrepparttar 146650 actual brand name that Bayer used to promote this medicine.

Heroin received its name due torepparttar 146651 heroic way of making pain and cough disappear. Nowadays your doctor will likely prescribe Tussionex or an equivalent if you suffer severe cough combined with pain. Tussionex contains Hydrocodone Bitrate;repparttar 146652 same ingredient that is found in many narcotic pain tablets such as Vicodin, Norco, Lorcet, Norco, Zyban and several other brand and generic medications.

Especially in patients with Open Lung Tuberculoses Heroin is very effective. Unfortunatelyrepparttar 146653 drug was highly physically addictive and only after several yearsrepparttar 146654 drug was taken ofrepparttar 146655 market after England experienced a large outbreak of heroin addicts. The patients would get addicted during treatment and than continue to drinkrepparttar 146656 cough syrup.

Heroin (Diamorphine) was also prescribed to people suffering morphine addiction. At that time several doctors believed it would be a beneficial replacement… little did they know that Heroin caused faster and stronger physical and possibly psychological dependence.

The story repeated itself withrepparttar 146657 introduction of Oxycontin (a time released Oxycodone product) in 1996. Many doctors believed this medication would be useful to help patients with a Hydrocodone dependency from medication such as Vicodin ES, Lortab 10/500, Norco 10/325, Lorcet 10/660, special compounded Hydrocodone products such as Hydro/APAP 15/80 and for other narcotic medications. Because Oxycontin is time released and Oxycodone is not a natural occurring opioid it seemed that this medication could indeed offer hope to a diverse group of patients. Later research confirmed that Oxycodone is more addictive and stronger than Hydrocodone. Not all patients agree with this statement however, claiming an equal dose of Hydrocodone works better to fight their pain.

Unfortunately it seems that Oxycontin has been one ofrepparttar 146658 main causes ofrepparttar 146659 ‘war against prescription drugs’ inrepparttar 146660 US andrepparttar 146661 160mg tablets have been taken ofrepparttar 146662 market in some countries because ofrepparttar 146663 danger of overdose if a pill would be chewed by a person without tolerance, brakingrepparttar 146664 time release protective coating. Abuse such as crushing and snorting pills to removerepparttar 146665 time-release mainly seems to happen among youth stealing these medications. The pills are often bought at schools at high prices because other kids steal them from their parents. If you are using narcotics and you have kids or if you often have kids in your home do not keep your medication inrepparttar 146666 bathroom cabinet but at a secure place where nobody can not access them. Although your kid may not have any intention to use this medication a story from a fellow student could wake his curiosity creating a potentially harmful situation.

Is it really fair towards legit chronic pain patients to declare a war on prescription drugs? The answer is probably no for patients with a low income or those among us without insurance. Since pain medications have become much harder to obtain and doctors do not prescriberepparttar 146667 quantities and refills they used to give several years ago this means an increased cost for legit pain patients. Unless you can not afford to pay $500 or more monthly for treatments, consultations, and medications you can forget your visit to most pain clinics. Usuallyrepparttar 146668 initial consultation only costs around $500 not to mention that a month supply of Oxycodone at your local drugstore can cost you more than $500 also. Most patients can not afford this kind of prices and are currently buying pain medication online as this is often their only alternative.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Dehydration

Written by R. Amir Norris B.Sc.

When you suffer from dehydration symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, learning how to cleanse and re-hydrate your body will improve your physical energy as well as reduce brain fog, headaches, skin problems, joint and muscle pain, poor digestion and cravings.

When dehydrated, our internal cleansing system becomes congested and stagnates like dirty dish water. It's amazing how much importance we place on cleaningrepparttar outside of our body, and how little importance we place on cleaningrepparttar 146645 inside!

What arerepparttar 146646 Symptoms of Dehydration? Not being well hydrated manifests itself in many ways. Here are some ofrepparttar 146647 more common symptoms reported by those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome:

Feeling tired and sluggish Dehydration can be a cause of fatigue when you have chronic fatigue syndrome. Nearly all body functions are about fluid balance, and even small changes in fluid balance can affect our performance and daily life. If this fluid is not replaced blood volume can drop. As a result,repparttar 146648 heart has to work harder in order to supplyrepparttar 146649 skin and muscles with oxygen and nutrients.

As dehydration progresses,repparttar 146650 body redirects blood torepparttar 146651 working muscles and away fromrepparttar 146652 skin, impairing your body's ability to diffuse heat. The increase in internal heat then results in muscle cramps, light-headedness, and fatigue. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, you will identify with this symptom.

Headaches Many chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers report frequent headaches. Headaches are a consequence of physical and/or mental stress and can result from not being properly hydrated. Headaches caused through poor hydration are a condition shared by many sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Brain Fog If you have chronic fatigue syndrome,repparttar 146653 lack of fluids in your system can be very detrimental to decision making. Whenrepparttar 146654 brain suffers from poor hydration, mental fogginess, poor short term memory, dizziness, severe headaches and poor balance results.

Dry Skin, Rashes and Skin Problems Those with chronic fatigue syndrome often report skin problems. Our body is mostly water, so we need to replenish and maintain an optimum fluid level. Water helps flush out toxins inrepparttar 146655 body and helps to keep skin supple and healthy.

Water isrepparttar 146656 skin's own moisturiser and just asrepparttar 146657 rest of your body requires hydration and nutrients, so does your skin. When our skin suffersrepparttar 146658 affects of dehydration, skin problems occur. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome and skin problems, you may be suffering from dehydration.

Pain and Joint Swelling The pain and joint swelling that is so often associated with chronic fatigue syndrome can also berepparttar 146659 result of joint dehydration. The cartilage that protectsrepparttar 146660 surface of our bones atrepparttar 146661 joints is made up of a lot of water. Ifrepparttar 146662 joint is well hydrated thenrepparttar 146663 friction betweenrepparttar 146664 bones is minimised.

Muscle Pain Asrepparttar 146665 immune system attempts to deal with bacteria and viruses, poisons and toxins enterrepparttar 146666 lymph system to be disposed of fromrepparttar 146667 body. Good circulation assists with this process, but if you have chronic fatigue syndrome, pain often prevents you from exercising. The lymph glands can become blocked and thenrepparttar 146668 toxins remain trapped.

When you drink sufficient water, your body dilutes these toxins and your kidneys more effectively flush outrepparttar 146669 poisons. You're likely to feel worst before you feel better. But continue to drink lots of water so that your kidneys can flush out allrepparttar 146670 impurities. You may find Lymphatic Massage helpful.

Cravings Dehydration can cause cravings, and this symptom is common amongst chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers. If you crave different foods, alcohol, caffeine, sugars and so on, your body is really disguising its thirst signals.

Water is a natural diuretic and helps prevent you from feeling hungry. If you drink at least four pints of water daily, you will notice that you can more easily distinguish between real hunger and thirst. The net result of this is that you will have fewer cravings and find it is easier to control your weight.

Poor Digestion Poor digestion is a common symptom experienced by those with chronic fatigue syndrome. To digest food properly you need to drink plenty of water (but not with a meal, because it dilutes stomach acid).

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