Opinion on the Casio Exilim EX-Z750

Written by Rick Blythe

Yesterday I bought my third digital camera,repparttar Casio Exilim EX-Z750. I needed a pocketable camera asrepparttar 141488 Sony DSC-F717 andrepparttar 141489 Nikon D70 are a bit large to carry around in certain situations. At least, that's how I spun it to my wife.

I thought I'd post a few thoughts I have onrepparttar 141490 camera here. First of allrepparttar 141491 size is striking. So much funtionality in such a small package, Casio are masters at this sort of thing. I am also amazed atrepparttar 141492 battery life from such a teenie battery, again kudos to Casio. There enough Scene modes included in this digicam to cover any situation possible, possibly too many modes. The firmware in this digicam isrepparttar 141493 best I have seen, ever. I can even tell this camera which settings I want it to remember after I power offrepparttar 141494 camera, and which to set back to default. I can't tell you how many times I have ruined a shot because my white-balance was set to some screwy setting. But I like it remembering my ISO and flash setting. Love it.

Scrapbooking Yourself as an Individual, Homemaker, Worker and More

Written by Fion Lim

From age 25 onwards, our grand adventure has just unfolded as we embrace adulthood.

Here's where you experienced first-handrepparttar lessons of life and be prodded along to grow up inrepparttar 141437 face of challenges.

By scrapbooking about yourself as an adult, you'll have scrapbook pages reminding you on how far you've come andrepparttar 141438 important aspects of your life.

Not only will your scrapbooks offer clarifying thoughts on where your goals are, you'll also become more certain of yourself as an individual.

Then as you flip through these scrapbooks about you, you'll fondly recall once againrepparttar 141439 journey you've traveled. And these scrapbooks could well offer invaluable insights and lessons to be learned by your grandchildren. "Wow, Granny Thelma led such a colorful life and she's one gutsy woman!"

For firm ideas on how to scrapbook about yourself, continue reading onrepparttar 141440 various themes you can put your fingers on.

Unique Being

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering canrepparttar 141441 soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved." - Helen Keller

Scrapbooking about your character is a delightful theme to work on as you wrap yourself up inrepparttar 141442 project. Here's where you don on your thinking cap and investigate intorepparttar 141443 depths of your own character.

The knowledge that there'll never be anyone exactly like you will give yourepparttar 141444 added oomph to scrapbook about yourself.

Dwell onrepparttar 141445 positive traits you see in yourself. These pages could well serve as lessons for your future generations, as important traits they could model after you.

  • Are courage, enthusiasm, personal growth, fun-loving, determination among your best traits? What other positive qualities you carry within you? List down all your best qualities.

  • Put down all your outstanding traits on a single or double-spread scrapbook page. Alternatively, you can go in-depth and dedicate a page to each of your best qualities,highlighting occasions or events when you've exhibitedrepparttar 141446 particular quality.

  • What qualities do you admire most in others? Scrapbook about these traits as well. Pull in a photo or two ofrepparttar 141447 people who consistently showrepparttar 141448 traits you admire.

  • What traits do you believe will make a great character? Scrapbook aboutrepparttar 141449 values and principles that you've adopted and believe will guide you and your future generations in their lives.

  • What are your priorities in life and how do your priorities affect you as a person?


    "The most important work you and I will ever do will be withinrepparttar 141450 wall of our own homes." - Harold B. Lee

    This theme will open up your eyes torepparttar 141451 importance of having a capable homemaker to ensue an orderly and well-run household.

    If you are a homemaker, you need to see for yourselfrepparttar 141452 value in what you're doing on scrapbook pages. Remember, you're a marvel for pouring love and efforts into transforming a house into a home that radiates security, warmth and comfort to all those who's living in there.

  • What do you do to keep your house in such a well-maintained condition? Scrapbook aboutrepparttar 141453 ways and methods you poured yourself into making your house a success.

  • How do you manage to cleverly schedule your daily routine in such a smooth manner, even when it's peppered with hundred and one errands to run?

  • Describe your daily crazy schedule in fine details, flavored with meal preparations, household chores, family activities, and peppered with occasional hiccups here and there.

  • What books, websites or perhaps mentors who have given you inspirations and ideas on maintaining a well-run home?

  • How about scrapbooking aboutrepparttar 141454 ideal home you'll like to create? What about your latest home-decorating project?

  • Rememberrepparttar 141455 home parties you so lovingly and painstakingly put together for your kids on top of being a wonderful homemaker? Put these down too.

    Working Woman

    "Work isrepparttar 141456 meat of life, pleasurerepparttar 141457 dessert." - Bertie Charles Forbes

    A part of your self-confidence as a person stems from how well you're doing in your job. For some of you, your work may well form a very fulfilling part of your life.

    When this happens, what do you do? You scrapbook about your work!

  • What aspects of your job do you find most challenging? What do you appreciate about your current job? Your likes and dislikes of your job duties.

  • Your choice of a job also speaks of your talents and interests, so go intorepparttar 141458 fine details of your current job. Empower yourself by scrapbooking aboutrepparttar 141459 important projects or long-term goals you have for your work.

  • Did you hold different jobs throughrepparttar 141460 years? Scrapbook onrepparttar 141461 job duties you've handled at each job. List down your wages and benefit packages. What do you like best about each job? What have you learned at each job?

  • Scrapbook aboutrepparttar 141462 employers, colleagues or people who influencedrepparttar 141463 way you worked. Did someone teach you something valuable about work excellence or how to become a more efficient worker?

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