Open up The Flow To A Fulfilled Life

Written by Helaine Iris

I had a really neat experience this morning. I was having a conversation with a friend when he suddenly asked me to chat with his wife and briefly explain what "life coaching" was about. Although I was a bit surprised by his sudden request, I happily agreed.

Within seconds, I heard his wife Meg cheerfully greeting me onrepparttar other end ofrepparttar 131299 phone. She began by explaining that she was inrepparttar 131300 middle of "cleaning gunk fromrepparttar 131301 drain," but she wanted to know what life coaching was all about. I took a deep breath, preparing to give her my quickest rap, and out of my mouth popped "life coaching is like cleaningrepparttar 131302 gunk out your drain."

Afterrepparttar 131303 power of that image sunk in, and I wondered if he thought I was crazy, I realized life coaching is exactly like cleaningrepparttar 131304 gunk from our drains. Life coaching is about clearingrepparttar 131305 gunk from our lives!

Our lives can be full of debris and gunk that interruptrepparttar 131306 effortless flow of a purposeful, passionate and fulfilling life. The gunk accumulates and gradually zaps our energy and creative passion, usually without us even noticing it. Many people learn to tolerate it, and some eventually experience a crisis, an illness, or simply find themselves wondering "is this all there is?" These arerepparttar 131307 reasons most of my clients come to me.

Here arerepparttar 131308 top 6 sources of gunk that could be blocking your flow. I invite you to take a minute and considerrepparttar 131309 following possibilities:

1. Limiting beliefs Have you ever stopped and listened to whatís going on inside your head? We are so full of shoulds and woulds that we donít even know what we truly think or feel. No wonder we have difficulty imaginingrepparttar 131310 life we want. The first step in changing our lives is changing our thinking.

2. Draining relationships Are you happy? Are you loved for exactly who you are and do you love without condition? Everyone deserves emotional fulfillment. Developing balanced partnerships add quality to life.

Would You Like To Get Into *The Zone*?

Written by Jan Tincher

Do you know what *The Zone* is? The Zone is a place where you are in control, you are on top ofrepparttar situation, you are succeeding effortlessly. Can you remember a specific time and place like that: at work, in sports, at home, or whenever?

Remember it fully. Step into that experience, and as you do, take your time to appreciaterepparttar 131298 state you are now in -- seeing and hearingrepparttar 131299 experience again, feelingrepparttar 131300 things you felt then. Now, noticerepparttar 131301 submodalities --repparttar 131302 sights, sounds, and sensations OFrepparttar 131303 experience. Make a note of them.

Now, clear your mind.

When your mind is clear, select an area in your life in which you already experience confidence, but haven't yet felt a sense of mastery, ofrepparttar 131304 ultimate success. Select one you can vividly see, hear, and feel.

Step intorepparttar 131305 experience and noticerepparttar 131306 submodalities -- sight, sound, and feelings -- there.

Then step out.

Now, rememberrepparttar 131307 submodalities from your mastery experience, andrepparttar 131308 submodalities with this one. Notice which submodalities are different betweenrepparttar 131309 two experiences. Do you see something inrepparttar 131310 first that you donít see inrepparttar 131311 second? Feel something different? Hear something different?

OK, again, clear your mind.

Go back torepparttar 131312 situation you just recalled (the one in which you havenít yet experienced a sense of mastery), and this time transform it intorepparttar 131313 mastery state of mind submodalities. Hear, see, feel what you felt withrepparttar 131314 mastery experience, only now youíre doing it with this experience.

How does this action -- puttingrepparttar 131315 submodalitites of your mastery state of mind into a different situation -- change your perception and feelings? What has changed? In what ways? Take your time to appreciate this newly changed state. Enjoyrepparttar 131316 clarity of mind,repparttar 131317 feeling of totality or wholeness,repparttar 131318 sense of confidence.

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