Open Your Unlimited Potential

Written by Mary Kay Buttery

It is high time you knowrepparttar truth about yourselves. You can be whatever you desire, you can do whatever you think or imagine. You haverepparttar 147356 magic key in your pocket, which opensrepparttar 147357 door to all your highest dreams and wishes,repparttar 147358 key, which opensrepparttar 147359 gates of prosperity and abundance beyond your imagination.

In order to have prosperity in all areas of your life, you must be aware of it, and be open and willing to receive it, or you will actually stoprepparttar 147360 flow. Prosperity is not only having financial abundance, it is also having loving relationships and excellent health. How many of us say “I am prosperous in all aspects of my life and really mean it”? It is very important for us to be aware of our prosperity at every moment, always be grateful. This awareness brings us total peace and joy where we no longer see our self as separate from everyone around us. From this place and focus, everything we truly desire will manifest in our lives. When we feel anxious we are focusing onrepparttar 147361 future, and often we feel anxious when we fear we will not have something we feel we need. Stop yourself when you feel anxiety, and notice focus on right now, everything is all right. Close your eyes and experiencerepparttar 147362 calmness this brings you. As we experience bringing ourselves intorepparttar 147363 now moment more and more often, we begin to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are worthy and deserving, and we become aware of how abundance and prosperity naturally flow to us, spontaneously.

Being Independent, Not Keeping Down with the Joneses

Written by Debbie O'Meara

Most of us are fortunate enough to live in places where we’re free to choose how we live. What we think, what we do for a living, how we spend our time – forrepparttar most part, we choose all of those for ourselves.

“Independence” can refer to so many things. When we talk about our prosperity, what do we want to be independent of? From what must we declare our freedom?

Here’s a big one: independence fromrepparttar 147355 limitations ofrepparttar 147356 opinions of others. Many of us feelrepparttar 147357 conscious or unconscious need to live up – or down – torepparttar 147358 expectations of others.

We’re playing roles in our families that we’re reluctant to break out of. Maybe our parents set parameters for our lives – big ones or small ones – and we’re afraid to burst through those boundaries and “disappoint” them.

We’re uncomfortable if we rise above our current peer group. That’s not just because we want to fit in, but also because our peers make us feel uncomfortable if we don’t. Many ofrepparttar 147359 people who are inrepparttar 147360 same situation we are don’t want us to break out of it. If we do, it reminds them that they could too, if they wanted to. But they haven’t maderepparttar 147361 decision to do what it would take, and that’s not a good feeling. Even if they don’t actively hold us back, they don’t encourage us to breakrepparttar 147362 mold.

I’ve heard it said that where you’ll be in five years can be predicted by looking atrepparttar 147363 five people you spend most of your time with. Why would that be? Because that’srepparttar 147364 mindset you build around yourself. That’srepparttar 147365 energy you spend your time in. If you consistently surround yourself with people inrepparttar 147366 same circumstances you’re in, you’re not in an environment that will help you generate new ideas that would move you beyond. And if you do come up with these ideas, you’re not supported in developing and pursuing them.

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