Onward Christian Soldiers!

Written by David Ben-Ariel

Why did ancient Israel have an army? Was it because they didn't have faith? Did they believe in themselves instead of trusting God? Did they insist on fighting their own battles, rather than let God wage war for them?

Why did God fight for Israel in Egypt? Did they exercise faith then? Did they somehow lose their confidence inrepparttar wilderness, after having seen God's mighty miracles? Does that make sense? They'd heard what God was going to do to Egypt fromrepparttar 148644 onset, and they saw with their own eyes what God did through 10 consecutive plagues. After defeatingrepparttar 148645 world's only superpower, had God spent His energy?

God took onrepparttar 148646 gods of Egypt single-handedly. He didn't want Israel's participation lest their deliverance be misconstrued as a successful slave revolt. He took a slave people to become His Servant-Nation. Israel had only changed masters.

When God led Israel out of Egypt by Moses, He purposely told Moses to bypassrepparttar 148647 hot spots where Israel would encounter hostile forces, lest they opt forrepparttar 148648 "security" of Egypt (Ex. 13:17). They went out of their way to avoid war! It doesn't sound like they were eager to do battle when you readrepparttar 148649 accounts of their griping and complaining to Moses (Ex. 14:10-12).

Moses, full of faith, encouragedrepparttar 148650 congregation to believe God. The first time Israel engaged in battle was at Moses' command! He instructed Joshua (also faithful) to assemble a fighting force and defeatrepparttar 148651 pesky Amalekites (Ex. 17:8-16).

God had foughtrepparttar 148652 first few rounds against Israel's enemies, showing Israel He would destroy their foes. Now God would fight in and through and for Israel! Moses' uplifted hands of blessing and authority insured Israel's military success. It was evident to all where their true strength came from (Ps. 33:16). Israel was only a fighting instrument in God's Hands (Isa. 41:15, Micah 4:13).

Many people understandrepparttar 148653 commandment against killing should be translated "murder." God commands His ministers of state to execute judgment and utilize capital punishment for various offenses (Rom. 13:4). We're told to remember Moses' law and obey it (Malachi 4:4). God has authorizedrepparttar 148654 State to act withinrepparttar 148655 guidelines of His Law Book.

Israel wasn't anxious to enter Canaan - they were afraid! Moses admitted they were outnumbered and outgunned byrepparttar 148656 Canaanites, but reassured Israel that GOD would be with them and grant them supernatural victory (Deut. 7:1-2, 16-24). Whenrepparttar 148657 spies brought their report to Moses about Canaan's men and might, they wanted to run with their tails tucked between their legs (Numbers 13:31). Only Joshua and Caleb put things in perspective and encouragedrepparttar 148658 people to trust in God (Numbers 14:9). Israel didn't have any faith in their own ability or God's!

What many have failed to realize is ancient Israel wasn't going to enterrepparttar 148659 Promised Land by faith alone; it was going to require faith and works! God wasn't going to do allrepparttar 148660 work for them. Israel had to actively claim their inheritance. Don't we also?

Israel lacked faith that GOD could work miracles through them! They knew God could take on their enemies, but they doubted He could work through them. They concentrated on their weakness rather than on God's strength. God expected Israel to fight His battles and He would guarantee their success. Israel took one city at a time, slowly but surely making progress, subduingrepparttar 148661 land and defeating their foes, and yet giving God allrepparttar 148662 credit - like our process of conversion (Ps. 44:1-8).

Even David, a man after God's own heart, fought numerous battles for God and His people, but considered Godrepparttar 148663 Victor. David would ask God whether he should attack at this time or place, and what to do, when and how, and God answered him (1 Chron. 14:10).

Did Abraham,repparttar 148664 father ofrepparttar 148665 faithful, sin by waging war against those who had kidnapped his relatives (Gen. 14)? Melchizedek blessed him, He didn't rebuke him! Levi and sons, following Moses' call to arms (at God's command), went through Israel's camp and slaughtered those who'd sinned withrepparttar 148666 golden calf (Ex. 32:28). Did they lack faith? No! They were acting faithfully! They put God before family and friends. Couldn't God have just sent a plague? Yes. But He worked through men.

Since God works through men, why didn't Jesus let Peter defend Him? 1) Because prophecy had to be fulfilled and 2) because God's Kingdom wasn't established yet - otherwise Jesus said His servants should fight! This example teaches us that loyal citizens ought to be willing to fight and defend their king and country!

Presently we have a "dual citizenship." Paul didn't deny that he was a Roman citizen or hesitate to exercise his civil rights (Acts 16:37, 22:25, 25:11). He didn't just turnrepparttar 148667 other cheek when he was about to be scourged! There's a time and a place to wage war or declare peace (Ecc. 3:8); to suffer persecution and death, or to run for your life ( Mat. 24:16, John 8:59)!

Spiritually speaking, we should all understand we're only mortal, taking up temporary residence on earth, and therefore be mindful of eternity and live accordingly, waiting for our eternal inheritance in God's Kingdom (2 Cor. 5:1, Ps. 39:12, 2 Pet. 3:11).

But what about "spiritual fornication?" If we exercise our right to vote and get involved in politics, isn't that defiling ourselves with this world's system? Only if and when it contradictsrepparttar 148668 commandments of God. We should never disobey God to follow men (Acts 5:29). We're in this world and do take an active part in its system of government and education everytime we go to work and pay taxes or send our kids to school or college! We're only to avoid those aspects of this world's system that are Biblically wrong (1 Jn. 2:16).

Pope must return Temple treasures!

Written by David Ben-Ariel

The Jews have prayed for 2,000 years to again seerepparttar Temple uponrepparttar 148643 Temple Mount. It's past time for prayers alone: ACTION is necessary to put faith into practice!

Letrepparttar 148644 Muslims submit torepparttar 148645 Word and Will of God concerningrepparttar 148646 Temple Mount. It's sole purpose is to Houserepparttar 148647 Temple ofrepparttar 148648 God of Jacob-Israel, that all nations may come to know, love and obeyrepparttar 148649 God of Abraham.

May they agreerepparttar 148650 Rock of Abraham has been preserved byrepparttar 148651 "Dome ofrepparttar 148652 Rock," and that it was created forrepparttar 148653 Jews to continue their worship uponrepparttar 148654 site of Israel's Temple. It has served its purpose and now it's past time to restore spiritual sovereignty torepparttar 148655 Jews uponrepparttar 148656 Temple Mount that they may buildrepparttar 148657 House of Prayer for all peoples to come and worship.

Mayrepparttar 148658 Jewish leaders repent of their woeful neglect ofrepparttar 148659 Temple Mount and end Jerusalem's abomination of desolation - a Temple Mount without a Temple!

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