Only the Best Ford Aftermarket Spoilers are on sale at Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

Completerepparttar aerodynamic look of your car with a painted body kit wing. Getrepparttar 147583 newest, coolest Ford Mustang Spoiler for your car. Forgetrepparttar 147584 old plastic spoilers, nothing come close torepparttar 147585 real thing on racing touring cars. Give your Mustang Spoiler a head turning touch with exclusive custom designed spoiler. Spoilers arerepparttar 147586 most sought after car accessory inrepparttar 147587 U.S. today; as no accessory can equalrepparttar 147588 sporty look, it gives your car. They are available atrepparttar 147589 dealership but usually onrepparttar 147590 most expensive or sport models.

Some Ford Spoilers are made from OEM factory grade plastic, ultra lightweight, no joints to separate, integrally molded mounting inserts, stainless steel hardware and mounting gaskets while some specialty high rise and racing style spoiler wings are made of carbon fiber. It maximizes down force plus genuine carbon fiber looks great with less weight.

Other Ford Mustang Spoilers likerepparttar 147591 Thunderbird Spoilers are CNC-machined graphics and tough, heavy-duty acrylic construction with polished anodized billet sides while others are made of fiberglass with added performance. Those that have Aluminum wing spoilers have twin center decks are fully adjustable up to 35° to let you create justrepparttar 147592 "right" rear down force.

Add-on Accessories To Enhance Your Ride

Written by Alan Detwiler

There are many add-on devices and gizmos for cars that can provide features to make your ride better. There are accessories that will give you music that is more to your liking. A gps with maps can displayrepparttar route to take to your chosen destination. A heated mug will keep coffee hot as long asrepparttar 147372 car is running. There are other useful functions and nice effects that add-on accessories can provide. Many car accessories are low enough in price so that they may be well worth installing. This article concentrates onrepparttar 147373 lower priced accessories. Most are under $50. You might find these at larger auto parts stores, large department stores, electronics stores or online.

Here'srepparttar 147374 list with some information and comments about each:

12 volt heated mug - A mug with a plug for getting power fromrepparttar 147375 cigarette lighter socket. It keeps a liquid such as coffee hot for as long asrepparttar 147376 vehicle is running. Some models have a thermostat to setrepparttar 147377 temperature.

Example models:

Cooler/warmer - These giverepparttar 147378 choice of keeping food or beverage hot or cold. Some are sized to hold a can of soda or a mug of coffee, larger units might hold a six pack or more.

Example models:

Cell phone charger - Plugs intorepparttar 147379 cigarette lighter socket to power or charge your cell phone.

Example models:

12 volt coolers - These range in size to hold 2 soda cans up to full size refrigerators for recreational vehicles.

Example models:

Multipurpose lights - Can be incandescent, flourescent or led. They might plug intorepparttar 147380 cigarette lighter socket, might be wired directly intorepparttar 147381 car's power circuits, or be battery operated and portable. If used whilerepparttar 147382 vehicle is not running, a consideration may be that led models will drainrepparttar 147383 batteryrepparttar 147384 least (but in general produce less light).

Example models:

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