Only the Best Aftermarket Parts and Performance Accessories for the 2005 Honda Element

Written by Jenny McLane

All 2005 EX Elements will feature anti-lock brakes and front side airbags as standard equipment. EX models will also benefit from MP3 and Windows Media(TM) Audio (WMA) playback capability as well as standard XM(R) Satellite Radio. Honda's 2.4-liter, i-VTEC, 4-cylinder engine with 160-horsepower and 161 lb.-ft. of torque is coupled to either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission and provides good acceleration while maintaining fuel economy inrepparttar low- to mid-twenties. The i-VTEC system (the "i" stands for "intelligent") combines Honda's patented VTEC system with Variable Timing Control (VTC) to enhance low rpm torque while extending high rpm horsepower. Honda's Real Time 4WD(TM) system is available on all models and 16-inch wheels are standard. Its chassis features a Toe Control Link MacPherson strut suspension in front and a compact double-wishbone suspension inrepparttar 144432 rear

The 2005 Honda Element comes in two trim levels, LX and EX. The LX ($17,450) comes with air conditioning with micron filtration, power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, cruise control, an adjustable steering column, and a four-speaker AM/FM/CD stereo. (The base DX model has been dropped for 2005.)

EX adds side-impact airbags and anti-lock brakes (ABS); aluminum wheels; remote keyless entry; a passenger-side armrest; and a seven-speaker, 270-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with XM Satellite Radio capability plus an auxiliary input for MP3, WMA, or other digital media. Blue cladding and trim accent Silver EX models, while Red and Magnesium EX models feature black trim.

7 Hassle-Free ways to buying a new car

Written by Prashant Desai

According to NADA, almost no single car model is sold atrepparttar same fixed price by car dealerships in a particular area. Every buyer receives a different final new car price quote.

In other words every Honda Accord buyer in your area would have paid a different price forrepparttar 144357 car based on which car dealer they went to and how well they negotiatedrepparttar 144358 price. Therefore, there is no level playing field on buying a new car.

As you may have guessed, this translates to either visiting as many car dealers in your area as your time permits or negotiating really hard with a shrewd car dealer.

My 7 hassle-free tips to buying a new car will certainly help you save money and pay one ofrepparttar 144359 lowest prices in your area for any new car.

1.Finalize what car model you want and how much you’re willing to spend. This way you’ll be less pressured into making hasty decisions.

2.Identify two other competing car models that you might consider buying or can use as a negotiating leverage with car dealers.

By doing this you’re showingrepparttar 144360 car dealer you have done your research and are not emotionally attached to this particular model (even though you may be).

3.Collect Internet new car price quotes for 3 competing car models. Do not step into a dealership without getting online new car price quotes. is a good website to receive new car price quotes from multiple local dealers rather than just 1 car dealer as inrepparttar 144361 case of most Internet websites. Through magazines and publication, identifyrepparttar 144362 dealer invoice price.

4.Take these new car price quotes and invoice price information torepparttar 144363 car dealers who providedrepparttar 144364 online new car price quote to you. This not only showsrepparttar 144365 car dealer you have done your research, but also shows you are serious about buying a car.

5.Now that you have invoice price & new car price quotes from 3 competing car models, stick torepparttar 144366 total price ofrepparttar 144367 car during negotiations. The car dealer may lead you to monthly payments, trade-ins etc., but only focus on negotiatingrepparttar 144368 final price down.

6.Duringrepparttar 144369 negotiation, mention about an even lower new car price quote received on a competing car from See ifrepparttar 144370 dealer would match or beat it. Leave if you have to and see ifrepparttar 144371 car dealer calls you back.

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