Only The Weak Ones Quit!

Written by graham and julie

Onlyrepparttar weak ones quit. Is that true? There is a story of a CEO of a multi-national company who decided to withdraw a product fromrepparttar 116780 market when it had consistently failed for nine months and eaten up millions of pounds in advertising, promotions etc. Was he weak? He could have maintainedrepparttar 116781 myth of success and stayed inrepparttar 116782 market and gradually withdrawn, costing him and his company many more millions. Instead, he chose to facerepparttar 116783 fact that they had made a bad decision backingrepparttar 116784 product inrepparttar 116785 first place. He admitted his mistake publicly and withdrewrepparttar 116786 product before it cost him and his shareholders more money. Is he weak? We believerepparttar 116787 opposite is true. He is a winner and winners quit in order that they can go on to achieve greater success. Perhaps, therefore,repparttar 116788 phrase should be, ‘onlyrepparttar 116789 weak ones stick'. The strong appear to recognise when they have exhausted allrepparttar 116790 options and get out beforerepparttar 116791 situation becomes a liability. The successful appear to know when to quit whereasrepparttar 116792 weak ones,repparttar 116793 unsuccessful, stay with a project hoping and praying that it will turn itself around. Just stop for a moment and ask yourself: Am I maintaining a project, thoughts, attitudes or beliefs that I should have ditched a long time ago? What is it that I know I should have quitted but keep hold of? What am I holding on to because I am afraid to let go? What is it that stops me from quitting? David was made redundant in 2001 and decided, because he had been relatively successful in corporate life, to become a management consultant, working from home. He had read allrepparttar 116794 books and information onrepparttar 116795 web telling him how much these guys earned and because he had 20 plus years in management they would be eager to call on his assistance and knowledge. He realised he had little, in fact no, selling skills so he enrolled on a number of sales training courses. In fact David enrolled on and attended many courses inrepparttar 116796 first six months to learnrepparttar 116797 ropes. How to cold call. How to put a proposal together. How to find outrepparttar 116798 real problem inrepparttar 116799 organisation. How to closerepparttar 116800 sale. Etc. etc. etc.

A Plan, What a Novel Way to do Business!

Written by Dave Jones

If you're like me, green as a two week old willow and trying to set and run your marketing plan, kickingrepparttar proverbial tires to your business, as it were; then hark my message. I won't be telling you how to build a list, start a website, develop content, power linking, write e-books, create software, and oh yes, make money! But then there's plenty of folk around that can. What I do have in spades however, is a highly curious disposition coupled with a dwindling budget. That's it, andrepparttar 116779 symptoms; it's bouncing off walls, and I can do it as well as repparttar 116780 best of them! I can show you bank statements that go backwards, yeah I know, everywhere you read its six figures, right. Well, one day, perhaps!

So, you're starting out in this game, and you've probably heard these same words, "read as much as you can and find someone who can be your mentor". Nice, if you can shield yourself fromrepparttar 116781 myriad of distractions that float your way. Every time you access a webpage it's like, oh, you'll be needing this because of... and you might find this useful.... and wouldn't one of these save you time. Then there's always repparttar 116782 high pressure approach, "you're loosing money if you don't upgrade here” and, "someone else has just signed up ahead of you inrepparttar 116783 pipeline", "whatrepparttar 116784 devil are you thinking"! What about, "please tell me why it is that your leaving without buying"?

All sound familiar, well if not, you're greener than I. Picture this, you're stepping out in grand fashion having read allrepparttar 116785 'how to' material you can put your hands on and champing atrepparttar 116786 bit to get started. You're just about to stand up a website and you've collected a wealth of material to get your content happening. Along comes an e-mail, 'have a look at this, create a presence onrepparttar 116787 web by linking your site to others; a license to print money'. Sounds good right, better check into this a bit further, and so you venture into doing some more reading. A little further along, 'At last, an easy way to write Website content in minutes, New Software Download. Gosh, I should probably check that out and see how it makes mine look.

Keeping up withrepparttar 116788 Jones' here (forgiverepparttar 116789 obvious) so you decide to downloadrepparttar 116790 software; low and behold you need a merchant account. Not a member to this one so, let’s join. Inrepparttar 116791 process we type in our relevant details (was that 20 times today or 21) and of course, yet another login and password forrepparttar 116792 data base. Oh look, here's a pretty good looking affiliate offer with this crowd, too good to pass up so we'll have a piece of that, and, yet another data base entry... see where this is all going. Well, actually not going is more torepparttar 116793 point. What was that that I was trying to do this morning anyway. Ah well, tomorrow's another day.

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