Online poker room to launch exclusive new poker tournament.

Written by Simon Prodger

All eyes will be on London this July as Europeís newest and most exclusive poker tournament hits town. A collaboration between Britainís largest independent bookmaker Victor Chandler, and leading casino operator London Clubs International, The Victor Poker Cup will offer a half million prize pool and a first prize of £250,000.

Taking place between 21-23 July inrepparttar historic elegance and luxury of Six Hamilton Place off Londonís Park Lane, The Victor Poker Cup will be contested by an eclectic mix of one hundred celebrities, poker professionals, internet qualifiers and high-stakes gamblers. Following three days of competition, one player will walk away with one ofrepparttar 116260 most coveted titles in poker and a cheque for a quarter of a million pounds.

The tournament will be filmed and distributed globally to millions, ensuring that The Victor Poker Cup is one ofrepparttar 116261 most watched poker events in history. The TV production will also debut many new features and innovations to take televised poker to a new level and providerepparttar 116262 most engaging and rewarding viewer experience yet.

How To Make Mug Rugs

Written by Mary Wilkins

It's easy to give your home a country accent with mug rugs. These little 9-patch coasters are justrepparttar thing next time neighbors drop by for coffee.

Two inch squares of light and dark fabrics are all you need forrepparttar 116259 top. Three squares across and three rows down. Sewrepparttar 116260 rows together alternating colours. Cut a piece of batting and a co-ordinating backingrepparttar 116261 same size asrepparttar 116262 top.

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