Online bookings for sports clubs

Written by Liz Toone

Milton Keynes, UK, 16 May 2005 - ABSOLUTE MICROS, ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF THE NEW WEB-BASED ONLINE BOOKINGS SOLUTION IN-ZONE, which centralises and automates facility bookings forrepparttar Leisure Industry. Any number of courts, group classes or facilities can be set up instantly and linked to any website.

This remotely hosted application from Absolute Micros offersrepparttar 138489 leisure industry, private clubs and membershipsrepparttar 138490 opportunity to increase bookings which in turn increases facility usage and generates revenue for clubs.

In-Zone offers memberships 24/7 booking or cancellation access to their facilities, allowing members to check availability and book at a time convenient to them. The benefits include reduced queues at busy club reception desks and higher member retention. All bookings and cancellations are made ‘real time’ so members and club staff can see current availability.

Martin Smith, MD of Absolute Micros estimates that facility uptake could easily increase by 50% inrepparttar 138491 first 6 months of using In-Zone. “Combine this with increased footfall, and providing an on-site terminal for your members to make their next booking while inrepparttar 138492 club, and you’ll increase revenue and free up staff in one hit”.

Entertaining on Your Pontoon Boat

Written by Thomas Holley

Looking for a great place to throw your next party or social gather? Look no further than your pontoon boat. A pontoon boat can serve as a fantastic setting for your next small party, or intimate gathering Withrepparttar right combination of décor, food and lighting, your pontoon boat can be well on it's way to becomingrepparttar 138412 next party hot spot.

You can purchase accessories for your pontoon boat that can allow you to have allrepparttar 138413 luxuries of home while you're dialing around in a nearby lake. You can purchase enclosures for your pontoon that can act as a separate room, seat covers and additional furniture for your seating areas that coordinate withrepparttar 138414 interior of your boat and can make your pontoon boat seem as comfortable and inviting as your home living room. Pontoon boats can also be outfitted with stoves and refrigerators that allow you to prepare and serve a meal for guests just as you would if they were visiting in your own home.

Duringrepparttar 138415 daytime, pontoon boats can be great for small family outings. The pontoon boat can takerepparttar 138416 family on a leisurely trip around a local lake or waterway, and be a great home spot for swimming, sunbathing, fishing and other recreational activities on a hot summer afternoon. A pontoon boat afternoon outing, is always well received by people of all ages, and interests. Everyone can find something that interests him or her during a day out onrepparttar 138417 water in your pontoon boat.

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