Online Writing and Beyond: Writers Will Lead the Content Revolution

Written by Melissa Brewer


It is often thrown around loosely onrepparttar web that "Content is king."

If content is king, then what is a content writer?

Unfortunately, we are not yet royalty. We're never paid as well or considered as skilled as a web designer or our more technical counterparts. This is changing, however, with an influx of writing forrepparttar 129565 web courses andrepparttar 129566 frenzy of corporate training in writing forrepparttar 129567 web. Training an already overworked, understaffed web team to write specifically forrepparttar 129568 web is costly and distracts technical workers from updating their ever-changing, ever-evolving techie skills. And then there isrepparttar 129569 whole left-brain, right-brain trap. Technical workers usually work fromrepparttar 129570 left side of their brain, programming ASP and javascript. Designers userepparttar 129571 right side of their brain to apply design elements torepparttar 129572 technical aspects, such as forms and web sites.

Good writers are already gifted in using a voice that reaches their audience clearly and effectively. Content writers work behindrepparttar 129573 scenes to help websites retain and expand their readership, sales, and visits by offering articles, sales copy, email outreach, and other types of writing to enhance a web site's overall "stickiness". The basic premise behind content writing is that without content, a website creates no reason for a customer to return. And it's much easier to get a customer to return than to visitrepparttar 129574 site inrepparttar 129575 first place. The web is still referred to asrepparttar 129576 "information superhighway", and millions of users expect their information for free.

Where Writers Fit In

Ultimately, it is not "Content is King." As readers adapt and change their uses and needs onrepparttar 129577 web, it is clear that really,repparttar 129578 users are king and queen. Providing fresh and interactive content is simply repparttar 129579 role content writers undertake. This is similar torepparttar 129580 role of jesters, caterers, tutors, and playhouses to our royal readers. (Online books have failed thus far primarily for this reason; much of repparttar 129581 content isn't uniquely informing andrepparttar 129582 format doesn't make an enjoyable read. How can somebody enjoy reading over 50 pages of boring, painful-to-read Adobe- Acrobat text?)

Content writers entertain, refresh, inform, educate and expandrepparttar 129583 world of their readers through writing. Those of us who write and love writing understand thatrepparttar 129584 essence of writing is invoke emotion, take your reader "another world", inform them or prompt them to action. Combinerepparttar 129585 passion for writing withrepparttar 129586 need for content onrepparttar 129587 web, and a writer can have it all. Not only can a writer fulfill these needs, but alsorepparttar 129588 web writer can achieve a coveted, long-lasting goal for every website; compelrepparttar 129589 reader to interact.

Writers Engaging Readers

As more forms of entertainment move online, more unique ways of fulfilling their goals will surface. Some ofrepparttar 129590 most popular websites today begin with a little content and build a community. Community-based websites not only have online writers, but also provide a forum for their users to interact torepparttar 129591 content. Building conflict and community can engage your readers in such a way that they no longer feel like readers, but an audience. Members of an audience can applaud, converse, heckle and cheer when appropriate. By encouragingrepparttar 129592 use of a message board or other interactive media, readers return to see whatrepparttar 129593 next day, week, or month will bring. They "get in on a piece ofrepparttar 129594 action".

Freelance Writers: How to Partner with Your Competition

Written by Melissa Brewer

Freelance writing is an unstable occupation sometimes. We already have to struggle with dividing our time between marketing our skills, writing queries, and seeking out new clientele. Sometimes there's not enough time; sometimes there's not enough money.

Withrepparttar current economy, many freelance writers wonder if it's time to return to a "steady paycheck." This has always been my personal "backup plan", but atrepparttar 129562 same time, it isn't very logical. The current economy is creating MORE freelancers, and fewer opportunities for full-time staff positions and W-2 paychecks. Many of my dot-com clients are probably atrepparttar 129563 unemployment office or working for "the man" right now. Small businesses have tightened their budgets, and are trying to do as much in-house production as possible.

So much forrepparttar 129564 steady paycheck, right?

Not necessarily. There are hundreds of corporations and government agencies that award large contracts to agencies and groups every year. They don't hire freelancers because their project needs typically require a mixture of graphic design, desktop publishing, editing, and long-term communication strategies. Corporations and government entities typically have a budget and a regular contract with an agency for marketing, PR, and other communications that MUST get used byrepparttar 129565 end ofrepparttar 129566 fiscal year, or it will be allocated to another area. This is great forrepparttar 129567 vendors that they hire; last minute projects are thrown in their laps with bigger-than-anticipated budgets. And usually, they need to outsource to pick uprepparttar 129568 pace...

So how does a freelancer gain access to these opportunities? The key to success in these areas is a little research and a lot of networking. There are many types of contracts that you, as a freelancer, can join forces and gain access to. Here are three ofrepparttar 129569 most lucrative:

1. Government RFP and RFQ's

Government Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Quotes (RFQ) are typically published inrepparttar 129570 "Public Notices" section of daily newspapers. Honestly,repparttar 129571 descriptions of these services are usually vague -- if you want to bid on these projects, you'll need to contact repparttar 129572 government entity and ask them for their specifications, then write up a lengthy proposal incorporating all of these specs. This can be time-consuming and complicated. You'll also have to fill out paperwork to be considered for all future posted projects.

How can you skip these steps and get in onrepparttar 129573 action? Find your state's Business Registrar's office and keep track of who is winning these RFP's. They typically post a "Notice of Award" for every contract issued on their website. You can also find out information about Federal Agency contracts awarded by visiting their office of procurement's website.

Keep track of who is winning communications contracts. When you see a project awarded, you can pitch your freelance writing services torepparttar 129574 company that won. Congratulate them in your letter, send samples of your writing or your resume, and express interest in that specific contract. You can also offer to help pick up other work while they focus on their new projects. Even if they don't need you now, be sure to follow up and keep track of their accomplishments by visiting their website. Ifrepparttar 129575 government agency is happy with their work, they'll most likely be regularly contracted to inrepparttar 129576 future. If you can establish a repertoire with a government contractor, you'll have a client relationship you can rely on. (At least untilrepparttar 129577 next election, whenrepparttar 129578 government department heads may change!)

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