Online Ticket Sales Ideally Suited to Web

Written by Rick Hendershot


Selling event tickets online isrepparttar kind of servicerepparttar 144327 web is ideally suited to provide. Withrepparttar 144328 development of services like Ticket Sales from Golden Box Seats one website becomes a source for event tickets of all kinds. This kind of website demonstratesrepparttar 144329 ability ofrepparttar 144330 web to bring together large amounts of data, and present it in a way that is informative, entertaining, and easy to understand.

The net result is a very useful service that saves time and money. No more phoning aroundrepparttar 144331 country to find out concert details. This even makes standing in line at a ticket kiosk downtown or atrepparttar 144332 mall a thing ofrepparttar 144333 past.

Whether you want to seerepparttar 144334 Cubs play in Chicago, a Celine Dion show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, a Rolling Stones concert in Toronto, or an off-Broadway show in New York, Golden Box Seats can tell you when and where things are happening. Detailed schedules for all sorts of events are available in one location -- sporting events, big name concerts, Broadway shows. Want to see Paul McCartney in Portland? No problem. How aboutrepparttar 144335 British Open, or NASCAR at Watkins Glen, orrepparttar 144336 Dallas Cowboys? It's all there...

Business Marketing Strategy

Written by Joy Gendusa

What is it and who needs one?

The term business marketing strategy might sound like it is esoteric or stratospheric, so let’s takerepparttar mystery out of it so you can devise and implement your own business marketing strategy that fits in to your small business plan.

Strategy comes from a Greek word “stratagein” meaning “to be a general”. Think of a strategy as an overall plan of action needed to win a war. The smaller, detailed actions are called tactics. You can have tactical plans which help you achieve your strategic marketing plan or overall business marketing strategy. That’s simple enough, isn’t it?

A business marketing strategy or strategic marketing plan is an overall plan of marketing actions you intend to take in order to accomplish a specific goal for your company.

Start with a goal: $2 million in sales this year; expand into new premises by a certain date; doublerepparttar 144305 size ofrepparttar 144306 company in 2 years… whateverrepparttar 144307 goal may be. Something realistic but challenging. That'srepparttar 144308 "war" you want to win. Guess whorepparttar 144309 general is.

Then work out a simple, overall plan ofrepparttar 144310 major marketing steps needed to accomplish that (for example):

1. Publish a newsletter for all existing customers and mail out quarterly.

2. Work out 4 special offers inrepparttar 144311 year and promote them to all our customers.

3. Set up on-line shopping and expandrepparttar 144312 web site.

4. Direct mail campaign promotingrepparttar 144313 web site to all customers.

5. Get mailing lists of (target markets) and do a series of 3 mailings of postcards to them and follow up on and close all leads.

6. Etc.

You getrepparttar 144314 idea. Don’t rush this. Do your homework. What worked inrepparttar 144315 past? Read up on successful marketing campaigns. Your business marketing strategy needs to be laid out inrepparttar 144316 right sequence and you should have some idea of budget when you write it. “Run a series of 30 second TV ads duringrepparttar 144317 Superbowl” might sound like a good thing to do but can you afford it? Onrepparttar 144318 other hand, when you build your business marketing strategy you mustn’t try and cut corners. If you don’t promote heavily, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, no one will know about it and you will go broke. What really works when it comes to marketing?

Many business owners don't have a good enough answer to this important question. I learned by a combination of study and trial and error.

From my own hard won experienceI have discovered that a real marketing campaign will take into consideration at leastrepparttar 144319 seven points which are outlined below:

1. Target Your Market

Your marketing will producerepparttar 144320 best results forrepparttar 144321 lowest cost when you target prospects withrepparttar 144322 greatest need for what you offer.

Identifyrepparttar 144323 best people to send your postcards to. Design your postcards to appeal to their greatest need.

If you are able to break down your target market into sub markets you can then write postcards that specifically speak torepparttar 144324 needs of those people (an example is breaking down your own customer list into customers who buy most often, customers who spendrepparttar 144325 most money with you, customers who have been your customersrepparttar 144326 longest and then making them special offers based onrepparttar 144327 category they fit into).

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