Online Security while Traveling in the United States and Abroad

Written by Richard Rossbauer

This interview in downloadable eBook form is with Victor K. Pryles, author of a fascinating book about saving money while traveling. Mr Pryles has put a unique slant on traveling cheaply, but comfortably. I wanted to know if he used a computer and how he protected his online security during his numerous travels.

Inrepparttar interview, not only does Mr. Pryles discuss computer safety, his answers include many tips and first hand advice on maintaining personal safety and security while onrepparttar 105869 road, high seas and inrepparttar 105870 air.

The article is a quick download at

MicroWorld Antivirus (MWAV) Toolkit Utility.

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

MicroWorld Antivirus (MWAV) Toolkit Utility.

The features of MWAV

1. New features to detect Porno Dialers, Adware, Spyware and Riskware. 2. MWAV can now updated itself automatically so that it can scan for allrepparttar new viruses 3. Facility to activate itself for removing/disinfecting worms and viruses 4. Facility to weed out worms that attach themselves to popular browsers like Internet Explorer that are not detected by popular antivirus products by using deep registry scanning

AntiVirus products traditionally do scanning of entire hard-drives to check files for viruses. Butrepparttar 105868 ever increasing size of hard-disks andrepparttar 105869 millions of files that these hard-disks can store, makes it practically impossible for antivirus products to scan allrepparttar 105870 files within practical time limits.

But, because Microsoft's registry, which stores "links" to files which are automatically executed by various software's, is not fully documented, AV software often fail to catch viruses which appear to re-surface even after successful disinfections!!!

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