Online Resume Formats

Written by Michelle Roebuck

There are several types of online resume formats that can be used when contacting potential employers. When you search for job openings online, some companies will have on their websites which online resume format is acceptable.

If you don’t know which format is acceptable to a certain company, call them and ask. The worst thing you can do is send an online resume inrepparttar wrong format and have it ignored.


This format is also referred to as ASCII. Many companies used to accept this type of resume a few years ago when searching for a job onrepparttar 137307 internet was still new. When this format is used,repparttar 137308 resume is written in plain text with no formatting. The resume is sent in an email torepparttar 137309 employer.

Unfortunately, becauserepparttar 137310 resume is unformatted, it looks pretty ugly and is hard to read. Withrepparttar 137311 advancements in word processing and email functions, companies are turning towards more professional looking online resume formats.


This type of resume is delivered torepparttar 137312 employer in PDF format (Portable Document Format). You write your resume in Microsoft Word or some other word processing program, format it, convert it to PDF and save it. The file can be sent by email as an attachment. The employer needs to have a PDF viewer or Adobe Acrobat in order to view it.

Sometimes this can pose a problem because of computer viruses. People are wary about opening attachments to emails. Ifrepparttar 137313 employer wants you to submit your resume by this method, go ahead and do it. More than likely, they have software that can detect viruses in attachments.

A 21-step Path to Discover and Do What You Love with Your Life’s Work

Written by Craig Nathanson

In mid-life, many of us are unfulfilled in our lives and careers. We have a deep longing for change. We often feel that we’ve waited too long to pursue our dreams, and believe that we have no choice but to settle for our current lot in life. Choosing how to fill such a deep void is no small task. There is no shortage of expert advice from professionals, family, and friends about what to do aboutrepparttar work dilemma. Sometimes,repparttar 137216 advice is good. But too much of it is based onrepparttar 137217 needs ofrepparttar 137218 person givingrepparttar 137219 advice, and not what is best for you. A Roadmap to Vocational Passion I developedrepparttar 137220 following 21-step path to discovering and doing what you love. Start with a few small steps and you will find thatrepparttar 137221 process will soon take hold. Then, you will never turn back! 1. Evaluate what you want 2. Envision your future 3. Tune out negative feedback 4. Shore up your support network 5. Assess your risk 6. Figure out what’srepparttar 137222 worst thing that can happen 7. Write down your abilities and interests

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