Online Resources about Truck Accident Litigation

Written by Michael Monheit, Esquire, Monheit Law, PC

Here is a list of helpful links related to truck accidents andrepparttar resources to research truck accident related data.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Web-Based Encyclopedia Comprehensive site offering a wealth of knowledge based on breakdown of truck related accidents, cause of truck accidents, and injuries/death categorized by state and year.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Part ofrepparttar 119249 U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), NHTSA is a federal agency forrepparttar 119250 prevention and control of motor vehicle and truck related death and injury. NHTSA’s mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce traffic-related health care and other economic costs.

Hotline to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Here’srepparttar 119251 handy page and toll-free number to file a vehicle safety defect report, learn aboutrepparttar 119252 process of car and truck recalls, and searchrepparttar 119253 database of consumer complaints related to car and truck accidents.

Child Passenger Safety Tips from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Buckle up for child passenger safety. Use this chart forrepparttar 119254 good, bad, and better options available inrepparttar 119255 marketplace today.

Statistics for Car Accidents There were an estimated 6,356,000 car accidents inrepparttar 119256 US in 2000. Getrepparttar 119257 breakdown of how and why.

National Center for Statistics and Analysis A division of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NCSA provides truck accidents and traffic safety reports, high profile cases, and data sheets.

What are the Alternatives to Vioxx?

Written by Michael Monheit, Esquire, Monheit Law, PC

Withrepparttar withdrawal of Vioxx fromrepparttar 119248 pharmaceutical market, doctors and patients are left scrambling for alternatives to Vioxx.


The below is only informational, and is not offered as medical advice! Only your doctor can determine what pain killers will be right for you.

Vioxx is a prescription COX-2 selective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that was approved byrepparttar 119249 FDA in May 1999 forrepparttar 119250 relief of osteoarthritis, for menstrual symptoms, andrepparttar 119251 management of acute pain in adults. Pain relievers called NSAIDs, work against two enzymes -- COX-1 and COX-2 -- that frequently cause inflammation and pain. Cox-1 is found inrepparttar 119252 stomach and Vioxx and its alternatives that attack it often cause upset stomachs and ulcers. Vioxx and Vioxx alternatives are known as a class of drugs called COX-2 inhibitors attack that sole enzyme, minimizing stomach side effects.

Are other alternatives to Vioxx safe? COX-2 drugs haverepparttar 119253 tendency to raise blood pressure, but only Vioxx has been linked to a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems. Although there is now study showing that some alternatives to Vioxx also cause heart problems. For example,repparttar 119254 study released in October 2004 regarding Bextra and heart surgery patients.

Two COX-2 inhibitor alternatives to Vioxx are sold inrepparttar 119255 U.S. – Celebrex and Bextra. However,repparttar 119256 safety has of these altnernatives to Vioxx been questioned. Drug manufacturers – Pharmacia and Pfizer have huge advertising budgets and sales inrepparttar 119257 millions.

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