Online Poker Tournaments -- Time to get aboard

Written by Tom Howze

Online poker tournaments are skyrocketing in popularity due to reasons ranging from low buyins into major tournaments for a fraction of their usual cost to those who do not live within driving distance of a land based poker room. (And of course another factor isrepparttar money that can be won.) The Internet has changed where and when one can play. This revolution in howrepparttar 125415 game is played has resulted in millions of dollars being placed into online poker tournaments, with more opportunities onrepparttar 125416 Net coming up each week.

Poker as a "sport" is widely enjoyed by millions aroundrepparttar 125417 world due torepparttar 125418 necessary level of quick thinking, skill and challenge ofrepparttar 125419 game. For those who don't understand, what makes it a game of skill is this,repparttar 125420 element of luck is inrepparttar 125421 draw ofrepparttar 125422 cards, butrepparttar 125423 skill is in how those cards are played. Too many times on televised tournaments you can see extremely bad hands winning because of howrepparttar 125424 hands were handled in a case-by-case situation byrepparttar 125425 player. Anyone can get lucky for a good run or even enough to win a tournament, but over timerepparttar 125426 skill level of a player will reflect their number of victories andrepparttar 125427 amount of winnings taken home.

What fundamentals does a poker player need to know before playing tournaments overrepparttar 125428 Internet? Here are some tips:

Make sure you are ready. Practice playing overrepparttar 125429 Internet as much as possible. This is what lets you gain years of playing experience in a matter of months. Many young players in their 20's are doing well against top players and this is one ofrepparttar 125430 big ways of how they get their knowledge so fast.

Takerepparttar 125431 time to invest in learning strategies, techniques and how to read players. Purchasing a few books written by experienced top players is a better investment than playing at a table without an idea of what is going on. Combiningrepparttar 125432 two will enable you to play a solid game and wait for others to make mistakes and bust out. And know how to adjust your playing strategy whenrepparttar 125433 blinds increase.

Animal Behavior: What is My Dog Saying?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot

Animal Behavior: What is My Dog Saying?

Dogs are quite amiable creatures. Much like our human counterparts, their speech is often amplified by their body movements and facial expressions. If you haven't done so yet, carefully study your dog's eyes. Watch his eyebrow motions. Often times, we don't hear them speaking because we're too busy not paying attention to their eye motions. When your dog is facing you and his eyes shift suddenly back and forth, he's telling you that he wants something. Whether it's, "...hey, Mom - let's play,", "...come follow me, I want to show you something," or "...I need to go pee;" well - that's up torepparttar individual animal himself.

Sometimes, dogs will look at you fromrepparttar 125414 corner of their eye, will loudly yawn and fall torepparttar 125415 ground. This is an obvious sign that they're bored and they want attention. Your attention.

Some dogs are rather bold with their sign language and will literally come up to you and place their paw on your leg, arm or hand. She'll either gently tap you or downright pounce on you. When she taps you - again - watch her eye movements. Are her eyes focused in one particular direction? Mayberepparttar 125416 door,repparttar 125417 empty water bowel orrepparttar 125418 dog food bag? Or after she taps you, does she pressrepparttar 125419 side of her body against you? If she does, she wants to be stroked and loved. If she pounces on you with her paws, this is usually a sense of urgency. This usually means she wants to play rough or she needs to go outside and inspectrepparttar 125420 premises.

One of my favorite communication signals from dogs is when they lie on their backs, usually with forearms bent atrepparttar 125421 joints. This isrepparttar 125422 common "white flag" signal. What does "white flag" signal mean? Well, when dogs play with other dogs, this is their way of saying to one another, "...okay, I give up - you win, you'rerepparttar 125423 leader..." But when they lie on their backs for you, it's even more telling. This means that they are submitting. You arerepparttar 125424 master and they willingly acknoweldge this to you. In general, when dogs lie with their backs toward you, this means that they are quite content and totally comfortable in their surroundings.

Don't be fooled byrepparttar 125425 wagging tail. Generally, dogs will wag their tails when excitable. But it's how they wag their tails that tells us exactly what they're feeling. When a dog wags his tail, along with his entire body, he's usually happy and excited. When a dog wags only his tail with short, fast strokes, this can sometimes show a sign of aggression or fear. When dogs meet other dogs forrepparttar 125426 first time, you will notice this short, fast-stroke tail wag as well. This can either mean that they are unsure ofrepparttar 125427 other animal, or that they're going to become aggressive. Either way, be watchful of this "tail-tell" sign.

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