Online Networking for a Better Business

Written by Terri Seymour

Networking is a very important part of building your business. When you partake in this form of marketing, you are establishing yourself and your reputation, which in turn can be a big boost to your business. You can also make some new friends, which is also a plus.

Networking is when you come in contact with as many people you can to learn, share, promote, and form relationships with prospective customers. You want to talk about your business, but not blatantly advertise. Get to know others, learn from them, let them learn from you and get to know you. This is an excellent way of building a strong foundation for your business.

What you don't want to do is be a walking commercial. This will not get you very far in your networking. Do not spam when you are networking.

There are many effective and free ways of networking online. Message boards and discussion lists arerepparttar two ways I have found to be most effective.

*Discussion Groups*

When you subscribe to discussion groups make sure you followrepparttar 125039 rules and guidelines for posting. You do not want to be accused of spam because you haven't readrepparttar 125040 rules. Most lists will allow a sig tag, which is a great way of advertising without spamming!

Introduce yourself and become an active member ofrepparttar 125041 group. As you offer advice and help, people will begin to visit your business because of you and your willingness to help and your knowledge. This will help you build a respectful reputation.

You will also learn from other members. We can never do enough of that! I have found some lists to be invaluable in finding resources, and expanding my knowledge.

Listed below are a few of my favorite lists:

This is a list of discussion groups ranging from ezine publishing, to web promotion, to home business ideas. I have just joined most of these myself, but they sound like informative, helpful groups.

Announce It- or Not!

Written by Terri Seymour

Having an online business means that you need to find as many free or very affordable ways of advertising and promoting that business as possible. Fortunately, there are many such ways of advertising online. Some ofrepparttar experts and Newbies have debated which ways were effective and which ways were not. One ofrepparttar 125038 ways said by some to be a waste of time is Announcement Lists.

Now I agree that announcement lists are not one ofrepparttar 125039 Power-Packed methods of promoting your ezine or business but for a few minutes work a day for a couple weeks a month, you can pick up a few contacts, customers, or subscribers. That doesn't sound too bad.

I have found that announcing to these lists will be a confusing and lost task if you do not set up a system for managing your lists and submissions. The first step is to subscribe to several ofrepparttar 125040 better lists. Some ofrepparttar 125041 lists will be loaded with junk ads and/or spam. You want to findrepparttar 125042 lists that are for posting ezine and website ads. There are several lists that are for posting home biz opps and work at home jobs, but I found those to be too filled with junk ads.

Here are a few that I have subscribed to: (new one)

Here are some for your website

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