Online Consumers – What Are They Complaining About?

Written by Halstatt Pires

For many businesses, e-commerce represents a tremendous method for generating revenues. To maximizerepparttar profit potential, you need to keep an eye on issues that drive your prospects nuts. The FTC maintain a list ofrepparttar 149631 top 10 “dot.cons” complained about by consumers. If your site falls within one of these industries, you must make sure you address these concerns.

Consumer Complaints

According torepparttar 149632 FTC, here's what online consumers are complaining about most:

Internet Auctions

The Bait: Shop in a "virtual marketplace" that offers a huge selection of products at great deals.

The Switch: After sending their money, consumers say they've received an item that is less valuable than promised, or, worse yet, nothing at all.

Internet Access Services

The Bait: Free money, simply for cashing a check.

The Switch: Consumers say they've been "trapped" into long-term contracts for Internet access or another web service, with big penalties for cancellation or early termination.

Credit Card Fraud

The Bait: Surfrepparttar 149633 Internet and view adult images online for free, just for sharing your credit card number to prove you're over 18.

The Switch: Consumers say that fraudulent promoters have used their credit card numbers to run up charges on their cards.

International Modem Dialing

The Bait: Get free access to adult material and pornography by downloading a "viewer" or "dialer" computer program.

The Switch: Consumers complained about exorbitant long-distance charges on their phone bill. Throughrepparttar 149634 program, their modem is disconnected, then reconnected torepparttar 149635 Internet through an international long-distance number.

Web Cramming

The Bait: Get a free custom-designed website for a 30-day trial period, with no obligation to continue.

The Switch: Consumers say they've been charged on their telephone bills or received a separate invoice, even if they never acceptedrepparttar 149636 offer or agreed to continuerepparttar 149637 service afterrepparttar 149638 trial period.

Multilevel Marketing Plans/ Pyramids

Increasing The Perceived Value of Your Product or Service

Written by Halstatt Pires

Whether online or offline, small businesses often show little faith inrepparttar quality of their service or product. Instead, they tend to focus onrepparttar 149630 limitations and lower their prices. This natural insecurity can lead to disastrous financial results because lower prices cripple your return on investment.

Rest assured, you will make sales if you researchrepparttar 149631 market, locate a need and provided a quality solution. Do not let insecurity wasterepparttar 149632 blood, sweat and tears you expended onrepparttar 149633 business. Instead, you should focus on building your credibility and displaying it on your site.

Considerrepparttar 149634 following:

If your product isrepparttar 149635 greatest thing since sliced bread, why are you selling it for a nominal amount? Sell it at a higher price to build credibility. This increasesrepparttar 149636 perceived value because people associate higher prices with better quality.

Let’s look at professional services based on an hourly fee. If I write an e-book on Internet marketing for attorneys or accountants,repparttar 149637 price I charge is going to be based onrepparttar 149638 conversion ratio. These professionals are particularly time conscious since they bill byrepparttar 149639 hour in their own practice. If my book promises to get them 10 clients each month producing $50,000 in revenues,repparttar 149640 book is extremely valuable to them. If I charge $19.95, my credibility goes downrepparttar 149641 tube. Why would someone give away such valuable information for such a cheap price? Onrepparttar 149642 other hand, if I charge them $599.99,repparttar 149643 price adds torepparttar 149644 credibility of my claims.

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