Online College Degrees

Written by Catherine Olivia

Online and distance degrees are gaining in popularity. Many people findrepparttar flexibility offered with distance learning is a huge benefit while trying to jugglerepparttar 146389 demands of everyday life. Many traditional college institutions are now offering their traditional college couses online as well as some graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Some online colleges have programs that allow you to focus entirely on your field of study making it quicker for you to earn your degree.

Most of these online colleges are accredited. This will be important if you want to get a scholarship or if you will want to apply for any type of financial aid and an online college must be accredited if you are going to transfer your credits. Be sure to check. Also, some degrees such as education and nursing require licensing. Make sure that your state acceptsrepparttar 146390 degree obtained from an online college.

Some distance education programs require that you visitrepparttar 146391 campus a few times each semester. Some online colleges have orientation atrepparttar 146392 beginning of each semester which allows forrepparttar 146393 students to meet withrepparttar 146394 instructors. It is always good to attend these orientations. Some allowrepparttar 146395 program to be completed entirely at home. Some online colleges offer shorter semesters and give a choice of six, eight and ten week semesters.

Some colleges offer telecourses which are taped lectures and lessons which you watch at home. Completed ssignments are then mailed torepparttar 146396 course instructor. Some assignments can be completed onrepparttar 146397 computer andrepparttar 146398 exams e mailed to your instructor. Most schools offer students online help as needed. Some schools allow students use of their online library. Your instructor will be available to you while you complete your course. Instructors generally can be reached by phone during scheduled office hours and can also be reached via e mail. Some colleges offer students interaction with other distance learning students through chats, online message boards and study groups.

Lost Your Job? Good for You!

Written by Karen Walker

Losing your job is a shock no matter how it happens. Fired, laid off, downsized-it's all spelled 'unemployed'. But oncerepparttar shock of a job loss wears off, you might discover there can be real benefits to being unemployed By looking forrepparttar 146308 positive aspects of your situation, you can start to achieverepparttar 146309 life you've always dreamed of.

The first benefit of being jobless is that it gives a person time to re-evaluate life. Where am I going in my career path? Is this where I want to be? How does this mesh with other areas of my life? In what areas do I need to create more balance? Take some quiet time to reflect on where you are now, and start to carve out a path that leads to your ideal life. Put in writingrepparttar 146310 answers to these questions so you can look back on them inrepparttar 146311 future and track how you are progressing towards your goals.

Another benefit is that being jobless forces you to reassess your job skills. Do you haverepparttar 146312 skills and experience to dorepparttar 146313 type of work you really want? If not, what will it take to get that level of skills and experience? What skills do you already posses that you'd like to build and improve upon? Once you have a list, get busy honing those skills to get where you want to be. There are many resources for additional training and support, something for every budget. It doesn't hurt to ask about sources of training available in your area. A call to your local Job Service office can put you onrepparttar 146314 right track. And of course, read. Atrepparttar 146315 library, a bookstore or onrepparttar 146316 Internet- there is a never-ending list of resources available in print. Somewhere there will be an information source to learnrepparttar 146317 skills you need.

The biggest benefit of unemployment may berepparttar 146318 doors of opportunity that will open when you are free to make changes. Now is your chance to go after that dream job. Or maybe you've always wanted to own a business. Depending onrepparttar 146319 type of business, how much you have to invest of your own funds andrepparttar 146320 credit you qualify for, there is a world of options available to you as a new business start up. If you desire a high level of support, purchasing an existing business or franchise may be an option to look at. But be careful! Often owning a small business means trading in a boss forrepparttar 146321 equivalent of a job (since you still have to show up atrepparttar 146322 work place every day), only with longer hours, lower pay and a host of other expenses and headaches you didn't have before. Since you’ll be working long hours, make sure you love what you do.

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