One of the Few

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Much ofrepparttar advertising you see onrepparttar 101216 web is ofrepparttar 101217 "here today, gone tomorrow" genre. Some think they can throw up a web site or join an affiliate program, and they will have to buy a wheelbarrow to carryrepparttar 101218 $20 bills in from their mailbox. Well folks, that "ain't"repparttar 101219 case.

There are a number of forms advertising can take, and let's first discussrepparttar 101220 ones atrepparttar 101221 opposite ends ofrepparttar 101222 spectrum.

Sales Advertising is designed to sell a specific item immediately. A good example of this can be found in your newspaper supplements, advertising coupons for specific food items in a local store. On TV, an ad for a particular CD is another example. They are trying to entice you to purchase a specific product within a specified time. Most of these ads are "price driven", and if you take advantage of their offer, you will realize a savings.

Institutional Advertising is not trying to sell you something specific. It is used primarily for "name awareness" and when faced with a purchase, they hope you will remember their name. When IBM airs an ad, you will seldom see a specific product for sale. When you buy your next computer, they are banking on you remembering their name, and will purchase their product.

Most ofrepparttar 101223 non-professional advertising you see onrepparttar 101224 web is neither. They are usually trying to sell something specific, but give no reason to buy from them at this time. Affiliate programs are big offenders here. If I am going to get involved in something likerepparttar 101225 "Six Figure Income" program, why should I do it with you. There are thousands of people trying to sell this program, and many are not making anything, but some are. The real question here is why.

If you are going to be involved in an affiliate program, you must give people a reason to buy from you. Obviously, if you provide a bonus that others don't, they now have a reason to get it from you. Take a lesson from some ofrepparttar 101226 Internet Service Providers. Many will give you a free month if you recommend someone, and they remain as a customer for three months.

Test, Test and Re-test

Written by Bob Osgoodby

We could all take a lesson from children. As they are growing up, and learning right from wrong, they are constantly testing to see what they can do, and what is not acceptable.

I see hundreds of ads everyday onrepparttar web, and while there are some good ones, most fall intorepparttar 101215 "ho-hum" variety, and some are downright awful. Now this isn't bad, if they are testing to see what is going to work, and what isn't.

Many put up an ad with no idea as to whether it will produce or not. They letrepparttar 101216 same ad run for a period of time, and wonder why they didn't get results. They then do one of two things. They either blamerepparttar 101217 publication for not generating business for them, or give up entirely and go out of business. Others will run an ad once, and whenrepparttar 101218 world doesn't beat a path to their door, they reactrepparttar 101219 same way.

It is a proven fact that an ad must be seen five to seven times before someone can be expected to take action. If your ad is targeted to your market, and you are not getting responses,repparttar 101220 odds are you have a "crummy ad". It is not then time to quit or blamerepparttar 101221 publication. It is time to changerepparttar 101222 ad.

All successful marketers have one thing in common. They are constantly testingrepparttar 101223 effectiveness of their ads. One ofrepparttar 101224 most successful that I know, almost always runs more than one ad inrepparttar 101225 same or similar publication atrepparttar 101226 same time. You could putrepparttar 101227 ads side by side, and not realize they were fromrepparttar 101228 same person forrepparttar 101229 same thing. She lets each ad run five times, always keeping careful track ofrepparttar 101230 drawing power ofrepparttar 101231 ads, and keepsrepparttar 101232 strongest and changesrepparttar 101233 weakest.

Mechanically, her method is really quite simple. She uses a different email address in each ad, and a different website address as well. Both websites are exactlyrepparttar 101234 same, but have different URL's. She got her websites from a low cost web space provider where she not only reservedrepparttar 101235 name of her site, but got web space as well for less thanrepparttar 101236 cost of her ads. There are several low cost web space providers. I can recommend and - You really should go withrepparttar 101237 one that meets your needs atrepparttar 101238 best price. Don't fall forrepparttar 101239 "hoopla" that you get "jillions" of characters of online storage for a few bucks more. You don't need all that room. I have dozens of web sites, and they are all under 10MB of storage. Capabilities being equal - price is boss.

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