One of many factor to Search Engine Optimization success

Written by David Ausman

Content management is one ofrepparttar many factor that influence your search engine result page. Every time spiders visit your site, they not only look at your coding, they also index your content.

How well did you write it ? What is your site all about ? How relevant your content is to your keywords ? Is there any spelling mistake ?

They know everything needed to give an appropriate rating for your keywords. So, when creating a content, make sure you :

1.) include your key phrases but not too much. 1 or 2 will be enough 2.) Always check your spelling

Since your content is not only read by spiders but also visitors, now we will discuss about writing content for visitors.

To write a good content that will make your visitors back need understanding. You must know :

1.) Your audience - Just like a football game. If you know who you dealing with, it will make you easier to develop strategies. 2.) Audience's gender - Well, as you know, human with different gender have different topics to talk about in their daily life. So create something that suit your audience. 3.) Age of your readers - So, being a good author , you have to be like a mother who understand what type of food does her baby likes, feeding different types of foods asrepparttar 128231 baby grows. You have to understand all this very clearly.

Tons of Top 10 Rankings Guaranteed

Written by John Gergye

Okay I admit it. I was kidding. I can't guarantee top 10 search engine rankings any more thanrepparttar next guy.

But hold on. Before you click away in disgust I believe I've gotrepparttar 128230 next best thing. That all but guarantees you'll get top 10 rankings. Lots of them. For next to nothing. So you might want to stick around and find out what this is all about.

You see to hear some tell it a top 10 ranking is a shoo in. A gimme. A piece of cake.

Must be since Google Adwords are crammed with all sorts of beckoning, come hither ads that suggest as much.

Now admittedly in any food chain evenrepparttar 128231 bottom feeders play a role inrepparttar 128232 big scheme of things. But I don't know. Such pitches may be hard forrepparttar 128233 typical traffic starved newbie to resist. I mean these ads suggest for a mere $49, $69 or $99 you'll be rolling in top 10 rankings in no time.

The sad truth is you may indeed land some top 10 rankings. But they won't be for keywords that produce much if any traffic. And if you don't get any traffic what good arerepparttar 128234 top 10 rankings?

Still, let's not be so hasty. While I'm not advocating anyone plunk down hard earned cash inrepparttar 128235 hopes of landing high search engine rankings for competitive keywords, hidden inrepparttar 128236 hype is a low cost strategy. In other words there's a way to make this work. If you know how. And you will in about 60 seconds.

Here's all you do.

Simply fire up Wordtracker. (A subscription is about $8 for a day.) Start looking for related keywords by doing a search for a broad, general, generic keyword in your niche. Then drill down and dig up allrepparttar 128237 related "exact" keyword phrases that have 9 or fewer competing pages. All that's left is to optimize a page on your site for each one and presto chango! A top 10 ranking!

See? A surefire formula for guaranteed top 10 rankings. Brain dead simple too.

Now I call such search terms "orphan keywords". Orphans becauserepparttar 128238 search volume is so low they are all but ignored byrepparttar 128239 fat cats intent on landingrepparttar 128240 big fish -- a.k.a. high rankings for terms that get hundreds of searches a day.

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