One Well-Placed Article Nets 616 Mentions in Google

Written by Lynella Grant

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Evaluation of a Home-Run Article

Iíve been writing articles and posting them online for several years. But it took a while before I learned writing well and developing a long list of places to post them werenít enough. Articles that deliver fresh, specific, how-to are a solid plus for readers. But writing each around carefully-defined keywords is a must forrepparttar 145279 search engines.

Other factors influence how successful your article marketing efforts will be - likerepparttar 145280 Page Rank ofrepparttar 145281 posting site, whether they provide a LIVE LINK back, and how specific their niche or readership is. Some of that is beyond my control. But as a writer, itís up to me to craft each article to cover as many of those bases as possible.

Takerepparttar 145282 time to think through your article marketing strategy, rather than sending them out willy nilly Thereís more pay-off to write a number of articles, each adding greater depth, around a recurring theme.

My articles raised my name from 100 Google mentions to over 3,000 in a relatively short time. They established my expertise in several niches - article marketing and Yellow Page ads. These abilities come together in this example.

You donít Knowrepparttar 145283 Winner until Afterrepparttar 145284 Horse Race

One never knows when sending out an article, which ones will getrepparttar 145285 most play. So write each one like your reputation depends on it (because it does). The article described below got widespread attention because itís timely. And thereís considerable interest (and pain) onrepparttar 145286 topic.

It addresses a serious problem that no one is talking about -repparttar 145287 declining response rates to Yellow Page ads. Advertisers feel theyíre paying too much forrepparttar 145288 amount of business their ads bring, but didnít know about their choices. Since this article went out, there have been so many additional changes working against Yellow Page advertisers that an updated article needs to be written. This level of online visibility indicates thereís considerable interest.

Keep track of how widely each article you write is received. Thatís one ofrepparttar 145289 ways to stay onrepparttar 145290 pulse of your readership - so you deliver more of what they want.

How To Choose The Best Web Host...For You

Written by Anthony Vita

Copyright 2005 Anthony Vita

Web Hosting is a service. Auto mechanics also provide a service. How would you decide which mechanic is best for you? Price? Experience? Reliability? This isrepparttar same line of thinking that should go into deciding which company should host your website.

It is very common to see choices centered around price, especially with so much competition inrepparttar 145278 hosting business. It is not uncommon to see hosting plans range from free to upwards of $50 per month. However, if you happened to see a sign onrepparttar 145279 street that said "$2 mechanic inside" you would probably drive right by, right? How good could a "$2 mechanic" possibly be? Why would a mechanic with skill and experience charge next to nothing for their service? Certainly, it is worth paying a mechanic. You don't want to be overcharged, but you do realize an experienced mechanic has value.

This example is very similar torepparttar 145280 hosting world. Some may argue a car is more important than a website. Tell that torepparttar 145281 bed and breakfast owner who does 90% of their booking via their online reservation system. If your business depends on a website to either completely drive or supplement sales, you know how important a website can be.

When it comes to choosing a host, there are not enough choices centered around experience and reliability. These arerepparttar 145282 foundations for any good company. A mechanic who has worked on cars for 10 years is going to be more familar with his trade than a mechanic who only has 2 years experience. If you were deciding on a mechanic, wouldn't you lean towardsrepparttar 145283 one who has worked on cars for a longer period of time and perhaps comes on a good recommendation?

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