One Way to Solve Memory Problems with your Computer

Written by Robin Nobles

Some of us aren't lucky enough to have brand new computer systems that are loaded with memory and bells and whistles. Plus, many software programs are RAM memory guzzlers, and they don't "release" that memory whenrepparttar program is closed. That means that your system is unable to recover that memory and use it with other programs.

When this happens, you get "low memory" messages, or your system may even crash, causing you to lose everything that hasn't been saved up until that point.

Though this article isn't a lesson in memory, let me explain in a very simplistic way what RAM (Random Access Memory) is, and why it's so important to a computer system. Every time you turn on your computer, launch a program, or open a file,repparttar 107880 program or data is loaded into RAM. If your computer system has a lot of RAM, you can open more files or programs at once and load bigger files or programs onto your system.

So, RAM isrepparttar 107881 temporary memory that is required to run your software programs. When you clickrepparttar 107882 "save" button on your system to save a piece of work, you're now using your long-term storage, or hard drive's, memory, which is a totally different memory. Information saved to your hard drive is available to you when you turn off your machine and start it again. It's "permanent." RAM, onrepparttar 107883 other hand, is short-term memory, and when your computer shuts down, you lose everything inrepparttar 107884 RAM.

So, you can see that if you don't have enough RAM on your system, your software programs won't operate like they should. As newer software programs are being developed, they seem to use more and more RAM, which makes it even more difficult for your computer to operate efficiently if you don't have a lot of RAM.

How To Deal With Computer Problems

Written by Fred Renoudet

It seems that nobody realizes that I'm alive unless they need something. I'm beginning to feel like Rodney Dangerfield - I get no respect! I always getrepparttar "I need" calls. As in - "I need a ride to go to Tako's Pig Roast or I'll starve to death" -

The other calls that I get are ofrepparttar 107879 variety - "My computer doesn't work" - "Excel is acting funny" - "My computer's locked up, what do I do?"

Well, I can't authorize you to go home or torepparttar 107880 mall, so what about trying "the three finger salute (Control, Alt, Delete) or rebooting your computer"?

I have no idea why everyone asks me how to fix his or her computer problems. I can answerrepparttar 107881 easy questions like- "How do you fix Charbroiled Oysters?" or "Where's a good place to eat?"

To prove my point - At home I have a 20Gig hard drive with a Pentium III processor, 500Mhz and I'm lucky enough to have a cable modem. I got fat, dumb and happy thinking I would haverepparttar 107882 resources to run any program.

I got a wake up call when designing our web site and my resources dropped to 30%. Some people in a similar situation would reformat their hard drive. But I would not - except as a last resort - because it is a real pain, time consuming and I'm too lazy.

Doing computer cleanup is not foremost in anybody's mind. What'srepparttar 107883 old saying - If it ain't broke, don't fix it? This is similar to "Backups" -

Everybody tells you to backup your data andrepparttar 107884 tendency is to wait till tomorrow. You become a convert real fast when you lose everything you've spent hours, days or weeks entering and you have to start from scratch.

If you suspect your system resources are low, you may want to try these options that I always suggest to those with similar problems. --- These are a layman's instruction. If you need help from a professional - call a professional, I'm notrepparttar 107885 one to listen to.

The first thing to do is CHILL OUT!

Step1: Have a glass of wine, beer, soft drink or whatever - For Windows 95/98 - You may want to check your reading with a program running such as MS Access (or any program that eats your resources).

Try again with nothing but windows running to seerepparttar 107886 difference - go into "Control Panel", click "System", click "Performance" (or you can right click "My Computer" and select "Preferences").

If "System Resources" is above 50% with MS Access running, you should be in relatively good shape. With nothing running you should be around 88%. Don't fall for that garbage that says, "You are configured for optimum performance". If your resources are down - something ain't right!

While you're looking atrepparttar 107887 resources click "Virtual Memory" and make sure "Let Windows manage…" is checked. Unless you know what you're doing, don't try to changerepparttar 107888 settings (I don't). If your resources are running @ 90 %, you don't need to read any further.

Step2: Have another glass of wine, beer or whatever - Look inrepparttar 107889 bottom right corner of your screen. You should see some icons like Volume, Virus protection, Time, etc., etc, etc, etc.

A lot of that is a lot of needless junk that is put in your startup group needlessly by programs. Stuff like Printer status, Real Player, Scanner status, AOL, IOU, DEQ, AEIOU or whatever - those use resources needlessly.

Try disabling them one at a time and check your resources again. If one of them is a hog, delete it from your "StartUp" group. You can check to see what's in your "StartUp" group by right clicking your "Start" button.

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