One Way Linking Campaign- I

Written by Vikas Malhotra

This article explains in detailrepparttar various issues related torepparttar 105620 linking campaign that you will need to mount, to establish your worth inrepparttar 105621 algorithms of search engines . Some ofrepparttar 105622 issues that we will be tackling in this & subsequent articles are:

-Creating one way incoming links to your site.

-The identification of resources to link.

-Evaluation ofrepparttar 105623 resources identified.

-How to approach others with your link requests( some samples).

-Where to putrepparttar 105624 linkrepparttar 105625 link in your web site.

-Where shouldrepparttar 105626 incoming link to your web site be placed in others site.

-The almighty anchor text.

-Linking software evaluation.

-The donts of linking campaign.

-Sundry tips & trips.

-How to maintainrepparttar 105627 linking ledger.

Before we begin withrepparttar 105628 details of your linking campaign(LC) we are assuming that your site has some great content or some good tool or something which creates unique value(UV) for visitors. Remember to keeprepparttar 105629 UV asrepparttar 105630 lynchpin of your web site linking strategy. Think about is like this. Would you want to link to someone who doesn’t have anything of merit on his or her site.

Hencerepparttar 105631 first step should be to set up your house properly before inviting others (SE, editors & web masters).

Now that you have created noteworthy inducements lets get started withrepparttar 105632 LC. Pls remember that one good quality incoming link is better than 100 inferior quality incoming ones. The quality ofrepparttar 105633 linking campaign is very (allow me top add one more very) very important.

First item onrepparttar 105634 agenda is to generate & create one way incoming links into your web site. These links are atrepparttar 105635 highest priority as far as our LC goes. This is becauserepparttar 105636 SE sees them as they are: one way links. This gives it a significant vote. In other wordsrepparttar 105637 SE knows that you have not traded a link Some one has found genuine merit in your web site & has linked to you. They value that link higher than others (all others remaining equal).

Hence our first effort should be directed towards creating these. Now some ofrepparttar 105638 ways to do this is:

How to Exchange Links with other Sites

Written by John Lynch

How to Exchange links with other Sites

As a result of search engine changes, linking with other sites is becoming an increasingly iportant way to generate traffic to your website. Links done properly will repayrepparttar effort and not be subject torepparttar 105619 whims ofrepparttar 105620 search engines. No more need to be concerned unduly about algorithmn changes andrepparttar 105621 "Google dance".

Why have a Links Page ?

A links page should give your visitors a choice of quality information and resources, not just a web page to improve your search engine rankings. Quality information on a links page isrepparttar 105622 best long-term strategy to improve search engine ranking.

Search engines are becoming very sophisticated and realise that many sites are putting up links merely to improve their rankings. Always exchange links with web sites that are connected with your site's theme.

How Do you Find Link Exchange Partners?

One way is to go torepparttar 105623 search engines and look for sites that are compatible with your own. Sendrepparttar 105624 webmaster an email requesting requesting a link or phone him or her personally.

An easier way is to register withrepparttar 105625 SiteSell free link exchange program which will give you quality links and save you a lot of time. To register free forrepparttar 105626 SiteSell link exchange program go to :

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