One Manís Brush With Bankruptcy

Written by Eric Chavez

Having gone through a bankruptcy 7 years ago, I'm still feelingrepparttar shockwaves of that fateful event inrepparttar 145151 form of higher interests rates when I apply for loans, and living withrepparttar 145152 whole stigma that bankruptcy places on you.

It was 1990. I was a freshman in college. Walking through campus, I'd be bombarded with credit card offers on a daily basis. One day I though, "why not?" I got my first credit card.

$500 to do what I want, who can beat that? The problem was, that it was so easy to apply for credit cards I ended up applying for all of them, or so it seemed. Actually, I had at least 5, and soon enough, they were all maxed out.

And then I bought a car, which only added to my mounting debt.

Fast-forward 7 years. I had amassed a serious debt, and I didnít even have a decent paying job to keep up. It was an overwhelming experience, to sayrepparttar 145153 least, and inrepparttar 145154 end I decided that bankruptcy wasrepparttar 145155 only option.

They make it so easy to declare bankruptcy these days. The lawyers and their commercials tell you how low cost it is, and how simple. Just go into their office, fill out some paperwork, pay them their check, show up to court, and youíre done.

Itísrepparttar 145156 aftermath they donít tell you aboutóthe shame,repparttar 145157 guilt,repparttar 145158 disgrace that it places on you,repparttar 145159 inability to get decent rates on credit cards and loans, or even rent an apartment.

Baby Shower Checklist-Hostess

Written by Randy Wilson

Using baby shower checklist-hostess arerepparttar best way to stay organized if you are planning a baby shower. The more organized you arerepparttar 145150 betterrepparttar 145151 shower will be. You also want to make things as stress free for yourself as possible so that you donít come across asrepparttar 145152 frazzled hostess.

Donít be afraid to ask for help ifrepparttar 145153 checklist seems overwhelming. Invited guests will want to help in any way that they can. Your goal is to hostrepparttar 145154 perfect baby shower and this many times means delegatingrepparttar 145155 tasks that need to be done.

By usingrepparttar 145156 following baby shower checklist-hostess youíll be able to organizerepparttar 145157 perfect baby shower. Userepparttar 145158 free baby shower checklists to help with your organizing.

Baby Shower Checklist-Hostess One Month

  • Set a date forrepparttar 145159 baby shower
  • Make guest list
  • Choose location for hostingrepparttar 145160 shower
  • Choose a theme
  • Decide what type of a menu you want to serve
  • Chooserepparttar 145161 type of invitations youíre going to send out
  • Decide what games and activities to include
  • Enlist help

Three Weeks

  • Send Invitations (be sure to include RSVPs deadline and directions)
  • Order food
  • Order cake

Two Weeks

  • Buy baby shower decorations and party favors
  • Plan games
  • Buy favors
  • Buy a guestbook forrepparttar 145162 guests to sign
  • Make sure that your menu is finalized

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