One Cover Letter Secret You Can't Afford To Miss

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

Suppose you wererepparttar hiring manager, your desk piled high with cover letters and resumes to sort through. Which ofrepparttar 137564 following cover letter greetings would grab your attention?

Example #1:

Dear Sirs: Dear Sir/Madam: Dear Gentlemen: To whom it may concern:

Example #2:

Dear Manager: Dear HR Director: Dear Human Resources:

Example #3:

Dear Mrs. Thomas: Dear Mr. Friedman: Dear Sally Williams:

Clearly Example #3 isrepparttar 137565 best ofrepparttar 137566 bunch becauserepparttar 137567 job-seeker has taken time to find out your name and to spell it correctly.

Consider how you'd feel if you received a cover letter that said Dear Sir or Madam, or worse yet, 'To whom it may concern.' No one will be concerned if you address your cover letter to no one in particular!

Remember, there is nothing as sweet torepparttar 137568 ear asrepparttar 137569 sound of ones name.

Exercise this simple secret and your cover letter will rise torepparttar 137570 top ofrepparttar 137571 pile!

"But I don't know who to address my cover letter to!"

If you don't have this information, take time to get it. Callrepparttar 137572 company. For jobs posted online this may be a challenge. But still, gorepparttar 137573 extra mile. Then atrepparttar 137574 very least address your letter torepparttar 137575 appropriate entity. Example: Hiring manager; HR Director; etc.

A Killer Secret To Get Your Cover Letter Read

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

You're still reading–so I know my title grabbed your attention.

Why? Because it 'packed a punch.' You have three seconds to nab your reader in any written communication. Do it with a smashing title or headline! This secret technique, when used properly, practically guarantees that he or she will stay with you tillrepparttar last line of your cover letter, article, or report.

How does this little secret apply to a resume cover letter? I'm glad you asked! Put it atrepparttar 137563 top of your next job-search cover letter and you'll attractrepparttar 137564 employer's undivided attention. Without this powerful little gem, however, you risk being a victim ofrepparttar 137565 'scan and trash' syndrome.

Why do I userepparttar 137566 phrase, "Killer Secret?" To make my point. It's an attention-grabber! I got your attention and curiosity. You can lassorepparttar 137567 same things from your reader.

When it comes to cover letters, however,repparttar 137568 use of a headline is hardly a theory. It's a FACT that everyone is attracted to books and articles and letters that have a title that sizzles like a burger on a grill!

People today pick up a magazine, newspaper or advertisement, scan first and read later. You can stop that process cold. A strong headline that 'jumps' offrepparttar 137569 page of your cover letter will keep them reading your writing. And if you're trying to land a job interview, what could be more important than rivetingrepparttar 137570 person to your every word?

Imaginerepparttar 137571 results you'll experience in your job search when your cover letter opens with an attention-grabbing headline that is so unique and so compelling thatrepparttar 137572 hiring manager cannot put it down? He or she will actually be excited to meet you, to discussrepparttar 137573 job, and to hand it over to you! Potential employees that show creativity and color in their communication are a boon to any company.

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