One-to-one Relationship Building

Written by Daryl Clark

The Internet is a fantastic way to have an international business with minimal investment. Many companies spend a lot of money to automaterepparttar entire customer interaction process. As your products become more specialized,repparttar 134797 larger your requirements will be for providingrepparttar 134798 opportunity for your customers to conveniently interact with you. The more convenientrepparttar 134799 interaction is,repparttar 134800 stronger your relationship withrepparttar 134801 customer will become. This convenience is not limited torepparttar 134802 purchasing process. You need to have specialized technical services, order tracking and customer service that exceed what your competitors are offering, or else your business life onrepparttar 134803 Internet will be very short and unsuccessful. Before you learn how to offer these services, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to offer them? Start by asking yourself these two questions.

Are you in business to conduct transaction based relationships?


Are you in business to build relationship based transactions?

If your answer was yes torepparttar 134804 first question, we recommend that you invest your money somewhere other thanrepparttar 134805 Internet. Everyone cannot offerrepparttar 134806 lowest prices. The lower your prices are,repparttar 134807 higher your volume has to be. Eventually all of your competitors will be offering products below cost with free shipping and so will you! Ultimately, there will only be a few survivors in your category and most if not all of those companies won't be making a profit.

If your answer was yes torepparttar 134808 second question, congratulations! You already have an idea how create a foundation for building long term business relationships. If you buildrepparttar 134809 relationship first,repparttar 134810 transactions will follow, not just one transaction but many transactions!

How can you build relationships with people or customers you never talk to? Here arerepparttar 134811 steps we recommend you implement.

1. Make your web site easy to use.

Nothing is more annoying to a customer than a web site that is difficult to place an order on. If your customers cannot complete their order in 4 - 5 screens or pages, then your shopping cart system is too difficult to use. Make surerepparttar 134812 customer receives a copy of their order automatically oncerepparttar 134813 order is placed.

2. Provide your customers with a confirmation message thatrepparttar 134814 order has been received.

Great F.A.Q's Mean Great Sales!

Written by Daryl Clark

Did you know that you have about one minute to get your customers attention onrepparttar Internet these days! Despiterepparttar 134796 fact that more e-businesses are going out of business than ever before, more people are shopping onrepparttar 134797 Internet than ever before. The new shoppers onrepparttar 134798 Internet are different fromrepparttar 134799 casual Internet surfer. Shoppers want to get in and out or your electronic store as quickly and conveniently as possible. One ofrepparttar 134800 best ways to retain customers as well as to get them quickly in and out of your store is to have high quality F.A.Q.'s sections (Frequently Asked Questions).

We recently worked with one our clients to improve their F.A.Q's. In fact, we suggested that they create two F.A.Q. sections. The first F.A.Q. section was for customer service issues,repparttar 134801 second F.A.Q. section was for technical issues. As a result of having excellent F.A.Q's, their inbound e-mail inquires have dropped an amazing 68% and sales have gone up 15% inrepparttar 134802 same period. You can see these F.A.Q's at

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