On the go with your laptop

Written by Douglas Bacca

Onrepparttar go with your laptop

Your onrepparttar 125523 road and don’t have a wireless connection. How do you get connected torepparttar 125524 internet? If you’re like me, I was always looking for a hotel with internet access. Sure I could use my internet service provider’s numbers if they had a local number, if not I was out of luck. If you use a broadband, DSL, or cable hookup, as soon as you leave your home or office you are a duck without water. So now you ask me “Now that you have my interest what isrepparttar 125525 solution?”


What is go-tollfreeisp? Started in May of this year, it already has some ofrepparttar 125526 largest corporations using it. With a 99.9% availability/reliability, pay as you go, no long term contracts, online reporting and account management, and 24x7 toll free support. The concept is simple, buy minutes like a calling card then using a toll free number you accessrepparttar 125527 internet. When you use up your minutes just recharge it.

What does it cost?

4 cents a minute from anywhere inrepparttar 125528 US48, but it gets even better. There are 5800+ access numbers inrepparttar 125529 US and in over 100 countries! By using one of their local access numbers you pay only 1 cent a minute! You could save up to 90% by using this service.

There are no connection fees, no fee per employee. You can have 1 to 100 users on one account (if you need more let me know).

What you need to know about toll free calls part 2

Written by Douglas Bacca

Part 2 What you need to know about toll free calls

Saving money with a toll free number can apply to other situations. From reading part 1, “What you need to know about toll free calls” a toll free number saves money, and time.

Are you a truck driver, a business person traveling inrepparttar US, going on vacation, a person that lives alone and wants your children to call or an RV’er? Let’s look at each one:

Truck Driver – You’re onrepparttar 125522 road 10, 20, or more days a month, trying to make a living. Your children are growing up and your not there to help them with their problems. Your wife misses you and wishes you would call home, butrepparttar 125523 cost to call is prohibitive. What to do? Well you are in a truck stop,repparttar 125524 phone is there to call toll free to find out where your next load is. So why not set up a toll free number to your home? No pin numbers to keep track of, no collect calls to pay when you get home and at just 3.49 cents a minute you can call as many times and as long as you want without building up a large phone bill.

Business Person – You’re onrepparttar 125525 road either to meet with clients, sell your products, or to servicerepparttar 125526 products you or your company sold. Unless you are a millionaire collect calls, phone calling cards, prepaid calling cards and dial around just cost to much. With a toll free number that rings to your home phone, you can now call home anytime. NOTE: your hotel may charge you for a toll free call. Find out first, if so how much? If over 35 cents you can call from a payphone with a 35 cent connection fee.

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