On the Purpose and Meaning of Life

Written by Peter M.K. Chan

======================================= Onrepparttar Meaning and Purpose of Life

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As it has so very often been lamented,repparttar 122266 lot of being human is really nothing more than a bed of thorns adorned by a few occasional roses. Its tenure is rather harsh for some, bitter for many, and short for all. To be a human being, in other words, is not altogether that privileged an affair. Forrepparttar 122267 few comforts sometimes enjoyed, one must slave for one’s needs, live with anxieties, struggle against external threats and so on and so forth. What also seems regrettable is that as one become less sensitised to all these adversities, one is also programmed to slide toward Sunset Avenue, and eventually die. The apparent pointlessness of it all could only make one wonder: Why are we here? What isrepparttar 122268 meaning and purpose of all it all? Is death reallyrepparttar 122269 end of one’s existence? Inrepparttar 122270 history ofrepparttar 122271 human kind, it is questions such as these that have given rise to answers ofrepparttar 122272 religious kind.

As torepparttar 122273 wherewithal of human toil and suffering, religious deliberations have by and large come down to this. They all say that it is due torepparttar 122274 sinful (unlawful) tendencies ofrepparttar 122275 human kind. According to monotheistic religions,repparttar 122276 original source of trouble is traceable torepparttar 122277 disobedience ofrepparttar 122278 First Couple vis a visrepparttar 122279 command of God. With Christianity, this opinion was further crystallized intorepparttar 122280 doctrine of original sin. For non-theistic religions such as Buddhism, however, suffering is deemed rather asrepparttar 122281 consequence of natural retributive justice as dictated byrepparttar 122282 iron law of cause and effect (that every effect must have its like cause, and conversely, every cause must have its like effect). In terms of this understanding, one is bound to reap what one has sown. That is to say, what one suffers now is butrepparttar 122283 consequence of one’s evil deeds and intentions either committed or entertained inrepparttar 122284 past; and how one performs now is also indicative of what is to come in this life as well as inrepparttar 122285 next. It should thus be seen that despite doctrinal differences,repparttar 122286 message is actually one andrepparttar 122287 same. No one should blame Heaven or Deity for what one has to endure as a human being. The culprit is actually oneself.

As to having to die so quickly andrepparttar 122288 purpose of it all, it is also generally agreed that bodily death is really notrepparttar 122289 end of one’s existence. It should be seen rather asrepparttar 122290 gateway for one’s soul intorepparttar 122291 next – to become another incarnated being inrepparttar 122292 flesh (as inrepparttar 122293 case of Buddhism) or to reside permanently inrepparttar 122294 realm ofrepparttar 122295 spirits (as inrepparttar 122296 case of Christianity and Islam). In either case, it was further surmised that all souls inrepparttar 122297 hereafter will have to face up torepparttar 122298 consequences of some laws, either divine or natural. This has got to be so, or so it was also said, becauserepparttar 122299 governance ofrepparttar 122300 universe of whichrepparttar 122301 human kind is a part is fundamentally retributive in character, as witnessed byrepparttar 122302 decreed of God inrepparttar 122303 one case, and retributive justice as necessitated byrepparttar 122304 iron law of cause and effect inrepparttar 122305 other.

Now, regardless of whether not one is really consoled by any of these views, let me say that they have in fact been a kind of makeshift cushion for many. Atrepparttar 122306 very least, it has injected some trace of meaning or sense of purpose into what seems to be so pointless a state of affair. In has also helped to soothe and rationalize away much ofrepparttar 122307 pain and suffering that one must endure for just being here. Seen in one way, it gives many their needed courage to persist. Understood in another, it offers them also some distant ray of hope. As you can see, I would berepparttar 122308 last to write off completelyrepparttar 122309 self-hypnotising psychiatric function of religion. Only thatrepparttar 122310 having of placebo effects is not necessarily an indication thatrepparttar 122311 metaphysical capsules offered are really what is usually taken to be. It is possible to haverepparttar 122312 same effect by taking a different kind of pills nowadays known asrepparttar 122313 ‘power of positive thinking’. What distinguishes some of these secular dispensations from their religious counterparts is that they are mostly offered withrepparttar 122314 view of encouraging active self-reliance rather than passive dependence on interventions fromrepparttar 122315 Beyond.

Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration Through Tarot

Written by Christin Snyder

The Following is an introduction to Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading as it is taught in my upcoming book/class “Spiritual Guidance Tarot - A Journey in Self-Discovery".

In my many years of reading and interpretingrepparttar cards I have discovered thatrepparttar 122264 most effective readings tend to focus not on "fortune telling" but on inspiring and motivating people to seek their own truths within. I seek to showrepparttar 122265 individual methods they can use to unlock their fullest potential. Personal Empowerment should berepparttar 122266 goal of any reading. .

In my time doing readings I have seen so many people who thought that I could just tell them what is going to happen. I know it is human nature to want to have allrepparttar 122267 answers, to be in control. Inrepparttar 122268 past I often "abused"repparttar 122269 Tarot myself attempting to effect answers and solutions in advance. The most important thing I tell people is that although many times difficult, life is a beautiful learning experience. Every decision we make, every thing that we do serves our growth. When we reach those low points of grief and anger we have to try our hardest to recognize them as a blessing. Yes a blessing, because without sorrow we would not be able to express or understand joy, without tears there would be no laughter. Life experience is merely a matter of choice. We can not changerepparttar 122270 outer world, but we can change ourselves andrepparttar 122271 way in which we choose to react to events. When we make a conscious attempt to do this we transform not only our own lives but alsorepparttar 122272 lives of all we touch. The present and future is a beautiful gift given to each one of us to shape and mold as we will. When we attempt to shape this for another person; we overstep our boundaries. When we seek to show people different ways of looking at their present situation, we empower them to make better decisions for their futures. Empowerment isrepparttar 122273 best thing a reading can provide to someone who is Troubled rather than false hope

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