On dog bites and other dog injuries… (Part 2)

Written by Granny’s Mettle

Dog bites are very common injuries for both adults and children. People bitten by a dog can have permanent disfigurement, psychological trauma, and worse, even death. It is therefore necessary to always provide great care when dealing with dogs, even those that are considered as pets.

Precautionary measures are provided by experts and medical practitioners to avoid getting bitten. However, when one gets dog bites, one should know his/her rights, especially when it comes to recovering damages.

If you or a family is bitten by a dog, you should:

… try to identifyrepparttar dog. Ifrepparttar 119150 dog has rabies, it is important that you should seek medical care and getrepparttar 119151 appropriate vaccines againstrepparttar 119152 rabies.

… not argue withrepparttar 119153 owner ofrepparttar 119154 dog. Arguing won't do any good, especially whenrepparttar 119155 owner doesn't want to believe what happened. Many owners believe inrepparttar 119156 goodness of their pets that's why it's hard for them to accept that their dog would bite without severe provocation.

… not sign any papers or make statements on record. The dog owner, property owner or their insurance company might try to get you to sign papers or record your statements on tape. Take note that their primary goal is to get you to make statements that will help in their cause to avoid possible liabilities for your injuries. If this happens, you should consider having a lawyer present to assist you.

… make a report torepparttar 119157 police. Reportrepparttar 119158 incident torepparttar 119159 police and they will investigaterepparttar 119160 circumstances ofrepparttar 119161 dog bite. They will then provide a report that may help establishrepparttar 119162 incident.

What to do When an Insurance Company Breaches its Contract

Written by Lala C. Ballatan

Seldom do we understand some ofrepparttar mumbo jumbo in policy statements and contracts insurance policies that we avail of. However,repparttar 119149 insurance law regularly provides that should there be a vagueness or uncertainty in a policy, whether inrepparttar 119150 choice of words or meaning, should be resolved favoringrepparttar 119151 policyholder and againstrepparttar 119152 insurer. But if there’s no unclear content inrepparttar 119153 coverage andrepparttar 119154 policy is clear and explicit,repparttar 119155 clear meaning will be enforced.

Judges and courts interpretation of insurance contracts largely depend on whatrepparttar 119156 clients’ objective expectations are ofrepparttar 119157 policy, reasonably. But personal expectations ofrepparttar 119158 policy holder and are not reasonably supported byrepparttar 119159 contents ofrepparttar 119160 contract is unenforceable.

The term “limits” refers torepparttar 119161 amount of insurance coverage. It is ruled that exceptions and limitations in a policy must be explained clearly in a language that’s understandable for all. This is so in order that there will never be denials of coverage. As such, insurance policy’s exclusions and limitations are always narrowly or strictly interpreted. Whenever there is a muddle over multiple meanings of exclusions or limitations,repparttar 119162 court has to interfere to giverepparttar 119163 narrowest explanation.

So, why are we giving these bits of details regarding insurance policies to you? Its’ because that we’d like for you to know what to do if you, as a policyholder, have any lack of knowledge or misunderstanding with regards torepparttar 119164 insurance policy you’ve taken. Results like loss of benefits or forfeiture of rights, loss of benefits. You must know that as an insured, an insurer is required to bring to your attention some relevant information. It will also enable you to take action and securerepparttar 119165 rights provided byrepparttar 119166 policy.

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