On dog bites and other dog injuries… (Part 1)

Written by Granny’s Mettle

Dog bites are very common injuries for both adults and children. They can cause serious consequences from permanent disfigurement to psychological trauma. Worse, they could also result to death. No one is protected from sudden attacks of dogs.

In protecting oneself, always remember that there's no such thing as a dog that doesn't bite. In fact, statistics show that most cases of dog bite injuries are from those that are considered as pets.

So to protect yourself and your family from getting bitten, here is some information you need to know that may be helpful:

Basic Steps to Safety •DO NOT approach a dog, especially when you are not familiar withrepparttar animal. Even when you knowrepparttar 119155 dog, askrepparttar 119156 owner's permission before you try to touch or pet it. When you haverepparttar 119157 owner's permission, extendrepparttar 119158 back of your hand and allowrepparttar 119159 dog to sniff you before you try to touch or pet it. Rule of thumb: EXTEND THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. NOT YOUR FINGERS. •DO NOT try to touchrepparttar 119160 dog when it's eating. •DO NOT touch or pet a resting or sleeping dog. Always remember that dogs should always be aware of your approach. •DO NOT approach a mother dog that has puppies, particularly ifrepparttar 119161 mother is nursing. •DO NOT stare a dog inrepparttar 119162 eyes, especially ifrepparttar 119163 dog is strange or seem threatening. If you have information or you suspect thatrepparttar 119164 dog is abused or neglected, take extra care in approaching it. Consider thatrepparttar 119165 dog may be dangerous. •DO NOT getrepparttar 119166 dog very excited or engage it in excessive rough play. The dog's instincts may overpower its self-control. •DO NOT let a dog feel cornered. Exercise extra care in small or enclosed areas. Dogs feel trapped when in a place too small for them to find an exit. •DO NOT leave your baby or toddler with a dog. It doesn't matter thatrepparttar 119167 dog is a pet. Some experts say that no child underrepparttar 119168 age of ten should be left alone with a dog. You never know when or what might triggerrepparttar 119169 dog's reaction to your child. •DO NOT back away from a strange dog. It may think that you're playing with it.

Children Should Always be Protected Aside from not leaving your children with dogs, it is important to teach them on how to behave when inrepparttar 119170 company of dogs. Parents and guardians should also provide appropriate supervision for young children when dogs are present.

Experts contend that children underrepparttar 119171 age of ten should not be left alone with a dog for they may not be able to behave appropriately around it. Also, experts say thatrepparttar 119172 children are too small to defend themselves when attacked even by a small dog.

What to do when in an automobile accident

Written by Granny’s Mettle

In 2002, there were an estimated 6.3 million car accidents inrepparttar United States. About 2.9 million injuries and 42,815 people were reported killed in auto accidents.

Every year,repparttar 119154 rates are increasing. More and more, people are getting injured, if not killed, from automobile accidents.

Unfortunately, most of us will experience this type of accident at some time. That's why it is important for us to know certain things that will provide significant assistance when we are in a car accident.

Remain atrepparttar 119155 scene ofrepparttar 119156 accident. If you are in an auto accident involving injury, or substantial damage to property, stay atrepparttar 119157 scene ofrepparttar 119158 accident untilrepparttar 119159 police arrive and tell you that you can leave. There are laws requiring people involved to stay put and wait forrepparttar 119160 police to arrive and investigate. Leavingrepparttar 119161 scene ofrepparttar 119162 accident can get your license revoked, or worse, your behavior can result to criminal charges.

Protectrepparttar 119163 injured. If you are trained in providing first aid, administer if somebody is injured. However, it is important to remember never to move an injured person. Moving him/her may result to further damage. Ask for somebody to contactrepparttar 119164 police and reportrepparttar 119165 incident. The person to contactrepparttar 119166 police should inform that people are injured, and if possible,repparttar 119167 number of persons injured so that there will be enough emergency personnel to respond torepparttar 119168 accident. Ifrepparttar 119169 accident occurred onrepparttar 119170 roadway, turn on your flashers, or use flares to warn approaching traffic ofrepparttar 119171 accident.

Get information. In any accident, it is important to get information that you will use later on, especially during your insurance claim. The following arerepparttar 119172 information you should know:

•The other driver's name, address, driver's license number, insurance information, and license plate number. •If there are witnesses, get their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. •Ask for a business card fromrepparttar 119173 police officer who investigatedrepparttar 119174 traffic scene. Also getrepparttar 119175 "incident number" so that you can obtain an accident report. Most officers will provide you withrepparttar 119176 information even if you don't ask. •Take note ofrepparttar 119177 location—the road conditions, speed limits, traffic control devices,repparttar 119178 weather, andrepparttar 119179 lighting. •Take note of howrepparttar 119180 accident occurred—the direction of travel ofrepparttar 119181 vehicles involved, and whatrepparttar 119182 cars are doing atrepparttar 119183 time ofrepparttar 119184 accident. It is significant to note that you will be asked to share your notes withrepparttar 119185 person you are suing orrepparttar 119186 person who is suing you ifrepparttar 119187 accident may result to litigation.

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