On a diet during the Holidays? Okay, knock it off!

Written by Kenia Morales

While surfingrepparttar net submitting my articles, reading, shopping etc. I stumped in to many articles title how not gain weight duringrepparttar 130385 holiday’s, low fat holiday recipes, holiday Diet, blah, blah, blah..

I can not help but ask; on a diet duringrepparttar 130386 holiday’s? Oh, knock it off! Are we missingrepparttar 130387 point here? All I remember forrepparttar 130388 holidays were Christmas decorations, family gatherings, gift exchanges, and last but not least GREAT FOOD. In fact food it’s so important duringrepparttar 130389 season that almost every country, race etc. has their own traditional recipes for this special time ofrepparttar 130390 year.

So, do yourself a favor and get off your diet. Unless, you are in a life threatening situation! Other than that I see no reason important enough to miss out on such a big part ofrepparttar 130391 celebration.

Where Do We Find True and Lasting Happiness?

Written by Dove

Where Do We Find True and Lasting Happiness? Forrepparttar longest time I was convinced that I was not happy unless I had a partner to share my life with. I just knew that having someone to share glorious sunrises and romantic sunsets would make me happy. I even came close to marrying someone who made me feel as if I wasrepparttar 130384 happiest person onrepparttar 130385 face ofrepparttar 130386 earth only to find out that it was not actually him that made me happy. This isrepparttar 130387 mistake most all of us make when we are dating and even more so when we have been married and have become accustomed to having someone around allrepparttar 130388 time then suddenly we are thrust back into this crazy dating world that has changed so much since we were gone that we need to go to Dating College to get educated and learnrepparttar 130389 lingo not to mentionrepparttar 130390 new rules to even be a player inrepparttar 130391 game. OK, so you think you knowrepparttar 130392 answers, what makes you happy, what will keep you happy and that special something that will attract you and keep you attracted? I think you are going to be surprised at what I have to say.

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