On Dark Days

Written by Jenean Matthews

On Dark Days By Jenean Matthews

Most days we are excited byrepparttar prospect of prospering onrepparttar 117828 internet. We faithfully log on everyday and look to see if we have sales, fulfill those sales and spend some time promotingrepparttar 117829 business. Some days are better than others and some days arerepparttar 117830 absolute worst we believe we have ever experienced. Ifrepparttar 117831 worst days are limited to one every now and then we get past it and move on. But every once in a while we may go through a series of days that seem so dark that we may begin to lose hope that things will ever change. What do we do on dark days?

First and foremost, we must not lose site ofrepparttar 117832 totality of our lives. As dedicated as we are to our business venture, it shouldn't take up all of our time. This creates an imbalance. And when that thing that's too consuming begins to falter we may head into despair. We need balance.

On dark days it may be necessary to pull away fromrepparttar 117833 computer and do something else for a change. What about calling or visiting your family and friends who may have thought you have dropped offrepparttar 117834 face ofrepparttar 117835 earth. See how they are doing. Talk about everything butrepparttar 117836 business. Enjoy yourself!

On dark days take a walk inrepparttar 117837 park. Watch little children play. I truly believe they holdrepparttar 117838 keys to true happiness in this world. We should be more like them. Ifrepparttar 117839 sun is shining they bask in it. If it's raining outside they splash inrepparttar 117840 puddles. If it's snowing they build snowmen and make angels. Whatever life brings them they find joy in it. If life brings you dark days, find a way to experience joy inrepparttar 117841 midst of it.

Excellence - The Only Standard For Your Business

Written by Jenean Matthews

Excellence - The Only Standard For Your Business By Jenean Matthews

Inrepparttar business world, online and offline,repparttar 117827 only way we can stay in business is to attract customers and keep them. We spend a lot of time advertising, looking for referrals and promoting to new and current customers. But what are our customers really looking for?

If you sell software, jewelry, vitamins, books, etcetera, a customer can purchase these products in a multitude of places. Why should a customer purchaserepparttar 117828 product from you and return to your business for other products? The answer should be because they can expect excellence from you.

Excellence is setting high standards for yourself that your competitors may overlook. You will go beyondrepparttar 117829 normal standard of customer service to satisfy your customer. You will perform at a level higher thanrepparttar 117830 competition. Your business will be superb.

Can you think of a business that's superb? Can you think of a time when a business offered you a high quality product and they went above and beyond what their competitors offered? What did you do? You probably purchased other products from them and told your family and friends aboutrepparttar 117831 experience. What are your customers saying about your business and their experience with you?

If you want your customer to say they were very satisfied, you have to be willing and determined to raise your standards and be better today than you were yesterday. Excelling is an ongoing process that never ends.

How do you startrepparttar 117832 process?

*Pay Attention To The Details Imagine you are buying a pair of earrings as a gift. Store A has what you're looking for inrepparttar 117833 display cabinet. You ask to see them, you like them so you makerepparttar 117834 purchase. The salesperson puts them in a plastic earring holder and places them in a paper bag along withrepparttar 117835 receipt.

Store B has what you're looking for inrepparttar 117836 display cabinet. You ask to see them. The salesperson explainsrepparttar 117837 quality and weight to you so you can make an informed decision. You like them so you makerepparttar 117838 purchase. The salesperson puts them in a beautiful box, offers to gift wrap them for you, at no extra charge, and puts them in a small gift bag. She hands you your receipt and cleaning and care instructions forrepparttar 117839 earrings.

Which store will you return to for your next purchase?

*Go The Extra Mile Imagine you just purchased a new computer and you're out shopping for a certain software product.

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