On-line Weight Watchers diet helper for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and mobile phones

Written by Laura Ciocan

Atrepparttar beginning of December, WeightWatchers.com announcedrepparttar 131288 release of an application for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and PDA mobile phones. It isrepparttar 131289 first to synchronize with a web-based account viarepparttar 131290 Internet. Mobile-phone diet applications are becoming increasingly popular. Weight Watchers diet promoters linkrepparttar 131291 phone application torepparttar 131292 Web personal account, which provides a useful portable tool for diet assistance.

This makesrepparttar 131293 diet easier to follow by offering :

  • The possibility of following your weight watch more closely, and of keeping permanent track of your eating
  • A points calculator and tracker. The WeightWatchers diet is based on calculatingrepparttar 131294 points of foods according to a specific formula. This facility provides a ready, helpful tool. It also tracksrepparttar 131295 points allowance, daily or weekly, helping you to stay within limits
  • The application includes a vast database such as 25,000 food choices, restaurants and groceries
  • An application which updates your web account every time you enter data or calculate.

Low Carb Dieters: Want a Break from the Meat? Make It Veggie!

Written by Sylvie Charrier

At first, your low carb diet seemed likerepparttar best dream you'd ever had. A dietary expert was actually telling you to eat as much meat, eggs, and cheese as you possibly wanted. You could go to any restaurant, orderrepparttar 131286 biggest slab of beef onrepparttar 131287 menu and—since you weren't eating bread or potatoes with meat—you could still claim you were watching your waistline when offered dessert. But, now thatrepparttar 131288 low carb honeymoon is over, you might be finding thatrepparttar 131289 thought of another pork chop, omelet, or hunk of cheese makes you sick to your stomach. If you fit this description, there is a way to keep your carbs low, but your spirits high. Instead of a steak for your next breakfast, lunch, and dinner, why don't you try a low carb vegetarian dish?

Don't worry—you don't need a special ID card to eat vegetarian foods, nor do you need to wear sandals and burn incense. In fact, with nuts, fruits, and vegetables, you eat vegetarian foods allrepparttar 131290 time! But, if you're ready to skip steak once in a while, it's time to replace some of your meat entrees with vegetarian options. And, believe it or not, it's easier than you might think to whip up a low carb vegetarian dish.

"I can't believe it's not vegetarian!"

The easiest way to take your low carb diet on a vegetarian trip is by using meat substitutes. Meat substitutes taste, feel, and even smell likerepparttar 131291 real deal. When you simply substitute these faux meats in any of your meat-based recipes, you'll have to checkrepparttar 131292 package twice to make sure it really says "Vegetarian" onrepparttar 131293 label. From tofu to tempeh, seitan to TVP, there are just about as many meat substitutes as actual meats onrepparttar 131294 market today. You can have vegetarian ribs, shrimp, steak, chicken, turkey, salmon, and just about any other meat you can think of. But, if you really want a break from meat,repparttar 131295 real thing or even fakes, vegetarian dishes can serve you up right.

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