On-line Universities and Degrees Find the Right One for You

Written by Katie Robbins

The first step to findingrepparttar right online university is to decide what degree you want. Do you want an undergraduate or graduate degree? Are you interested in a certificate program for work related study? If you are returning to school for work, you may want to get feedback from your employer for this decision. List your long and short term career goals to help you decide which degree will help you reach your goals best. Once you have decided on a major, you can start to research different schools.

Find outrepparttar 137566 requirements for admission intorepparttar 137567 program. Each university has its own set of regulations. All schools will want to see your transcripts from high school or college. Some will ask for test scores as well. Make sure you can meetrepparttar 137568 minimum requirements for admission before you apply. Gatheringrepparttar 137569 necessary documentation before beginningrepparttar 137570 application process will save time later.

Distance education programs have different on campus requirements. Some require that you come to campus a few times each semester, while others allow you to completerepparttar 137571 entire program at home. Programs offered completely online are more difficult to find, depending onrepparttar 137572 degree you are seeking. Make sure you can commit torepparttar 137573 schedule required byrepparttar 137574 university. A program that requires you to travel to campus one or more times should be within driving distance of your home.

Find out ifrepparttar 137575 school you will be attending is regionally accredited. Accreditation only matters when you need financial aid or plan to transferrepparttar 137576 credits you receive to another university. Some accept credits from schools that are regionally accredited, but others do not. Check withrepparttar 137577 college you plan on attending later to make surerepparttar 137578 credits will transfer. If you are getting your complete degree fromrepparttar 137579 same school, accreditation may not be important.

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Universal Body Wellness Massage School

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Holistic Junction is excited to present Universal Body Wellness Massage School asrepparttar featured school ofrepparttar 137531 week.

Universal Body Wellness Massage School's philosophy is '...Massage Therapy isrepparttar 137532 best humanitarian effort going onrepparttar 137533 planet...' Providing a dedicate effort to extendrepparttar 137534 best learning and education experience inrepparttar 137535 context of massage therapy education, Universal Body Wellness Massage School is located in historic and beautiful McKinney, Texas.

Maintaining smaller, more focused classes, Universal Body Wellness Massage School ensures student success through its 300-hour Massage Therapy program, which includes a 50-hour internship. Day and evening courses are conveniently offered to accommodate student life and work schedules.

Universal Body Wellness Massage School provides an Advanced Studies program as well; which includes: Sports Massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Advanced Anatomy and Polarity.

Students also haverepparttar 137536 advantageous option of enrolling in advanced courses such as Chair Massage, Myofascial Release, introduction to Equine Massage, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils; and much, much more!

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