Omega 3 EPA: Nature’s Very Own Anti-Depressant

Written by Dave Mcevoy

Since Dr Malcolm Peet, a consultant psychiatrist at Sheffield swallow court hospital released his findings aboutrepparttar effects of Ethyl Epa and its effects on people suffering from depression and low moods, many other studies have been performed using Ethyl Epa to help treat depression and related disorders. The vast majority ofrepparttar 140998 studies that have been performed consistently confirmed that Ethyl Epa, a natural substance found in omega 3 fish oil, helps relieve depression and low moods.

The idea that high grade omega 3 EPA could be used to help combat depression and other related disorders came fromrepparttar 140999 late Dr Horribin, who as early asrepparttar 141000 1970s was a pioneer in lipid research involvingrepparttar 141001 brain and central nervous system. Sincerepparttar 141002 findings at Sheffield, studies have been conducted roundrepparttar 141003 world, Harvard university 1999, London Hammersmith hospital 2001 and Israel Ben Gurion University 2002 to name but a few.

EPA As Part Of A Healthy Diet

EPA is part ofrepparttar 141004 Omega 3 chain of ecosanoids and is most commonly found in fatty fish such as fresh salmon, mackerel, pilchards and sardines. Overrepparttar 141005 past 100 yearsrepparttar 141006 diet patterns of most people inrepparttar 141007 west has shifted dramatically to include far more hydrogenated oils and Trans fatty acids (bad fats) this is largely due torepparttar 141008 increased consumption of fast food and ready made meals. Even people who think they eat a healthy diet consume way too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3.

Researchers have recently found that a diet high in Tran’s fatty acids could affectrepparttar 141009 mood stabilizing hormones withinrepparttar 141010 brain, this is thought to be due torepparttar 141011 saturated fats slowing downrepparttar 141012 messaging system withinrepparttar 141013 brain, should this happen thenrepparttar 141014 onset of depression could occur.

How Does EPA Work?

Whilerepparttar 141015 benefits of high grade EPA have been well documented,repparttar 141016 scientific community still don’t know exactly how EPA works onrepparttar 141017 brain, one theory released by Dr Basant Puri is that it easesrepparttar 141018 passage ofrepparttar 141019 signals overrepparttar 141020 tiny gaps inrepparttar 141021 brain called synapses. Another theory was thatrepparttar 141022 high Grade Epa actually worked similar to lithium and had anti depressant properties of its own.

Until recently it was widely accepted inrepparttar 141023 medical community that once a human reached maturity thatrepparttar 141024 adult brain could not grow anymore, in a recent paper just released by Dr Puri his findings show other wise. Dr Puri scanned a 21 year patient before treating him with high grade Pure Epa, afterrepparttar 141025 course of treatment he rescannedrepparttar 141026 young man only to find thatrepparttar 141027 grey matter ofrepparttar 141028 brain had increased in size.

The “Weight” is Over – Ephedra Ban Lifted

Written by Ted Collins

It comes as a surprise to many consumers thatrepparttar ban on Ephedra, was lifted more than one month ago. A Utah Judge actually overturnedrepparttar 140923 FDA’s decision to banrepparttar 140924 natural substance. So why is it that one ofrepparttar 140925 most sought after and powerful weight loss supplements ever created is not widely marketed and readily available torepparttar 140926 public? You can thank company policy, procedures, and slow moving legal councils. Both online and offline marketing mediums are frantically revisiting their acceptance guidelines. Inrepparttar 140927 mean time one company, Marqi Fitness is sitting onrepparttar 140928 entire world supply of Beta Fuel which is their branded Ephedra product. They are sitting on an absolute gold mine and they know it. You can purchase it online at Until manufacturers catch up, this will berepparttar 140929 only place to get your hands on it forrepparttar 140930 next 9 months.

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